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ASUS VG278H LCD Monitor 3D Vision-2 Kit
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We live in a three-dimensional world, and display technology is finally catching up to how we see things. Games, movies, multimedia video, and even photos are now widely available in stereoscopic 3D. Packaged with a NVIDIA 3D Vision-2 glasses kit, the ASUS VG278H LCD Monitor gives you that big screen experience with vivid color, 120Hz high-definition 1080p picture quality, and added 3D special effects. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the ASUS VG278H 27" LED-backlight widescreen 120Hz monitor with NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology and show off its built-in stereoscopic 3D Vision-2 functionality.


ASUS VW266H Widescreen LCD Monitor
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Yet another huge and affordable LCD monitor review! We know you love big monitors because we all do. That's why Benchmark Reviews has today the ASUS VW266H 16:10 Widescreen LCD Monitor. Not long ago any LCD screen was cost prohibitive for us working class computer folks, and a stretch for even the well heeled. Well, enter the 21st century because that was then and this is now. Folks, this is a 25.5" 16:10 aspect ratio 1920x1200 native resolution LCD monitor for under 280 USD (I bought mine with a 30.00 USD rebate too). No, that's not a typo. It's 25.5", really. Still not interested? You should be because this panel is a nice piece of hardware for business, gaming, and all around computer use with the added luxury of having 25.5" of desktop space.

Hanns-G HZ281HPB WideScreen LCD Monitor
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In the 2D market, the video monitor is essentially the last piece of hardware in the complex conversion of computer data into visual images. LCD monitors ranging from 22 inch to 26 inch, are now affordable to most consumers. But, many of you are hungry for bigger monitors with better than 1080p (1920x1080) resolution. And these features have generally been out of the acceptable price range. Benchmark Reviews presents the Hanns·G HZ281HPB widescreen LCD monitor by Hannspree. It's an affordable 2D monitor with a 27.5 inch viewable screen, and native 1920x1200 resolution. If you are looking for a colossal monitor, with a great image and economic price, then the Hanns·G HZ281 might be the one for you.

ASUS VG236H 120Hz LCD Monitor 3D-Vision Set
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We live in a three-dimensional world, and yet we settle for a 2D virtual world while sitting in front of computers. The price of 3D-capable monitors isn't affordable for budget buyers, just like LCD monitors weren't value priced when they began showing up on shelf space beside CRT monitors, and yet they eventually became the industry standard. ASUS knows a thing or two about the computer hardware industry, and the ASUS VG236H 120Hz widescreen LCD monitor with bundled NVIDIA 3D-Vision kit could help take 3D mainstream. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology feature using stereoscopic 3D effects on this 23.6 inch monitor in single-unit and triple-display 3D-Vision Surround configurations.


Samsung P2350 ToC 1080p LCD Monitor
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Desktop PCs have come to a point where your digital experience will be limited to the capability of your monitor. With high end Core 2 Duo CPUs and decent HD capable video cards priced around $100, there is no reason to be viewing the digital world on low resolution screens. If you are, then it is time to step up and upgrade to an HD Monitor. The question is: is the Samsung SyncMaster P2350 ToC 1080p monitor a worthy upgrade? Benchmark Review takes a look at this 23-inch LCD Widescreen monitor and see if it's a good buy.

Samsung SyncMaster P2350 23-inch LCD Widescreen Monitor
Lilliput EBY701 7-Inch Touchscreen LCD Monitor
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When putting together a mobile PC, the monitor is a big consideration. For use in the car, a touchscreen monitor is especially important. Lilliput Electronics Co. has dedicated itself to solving our mobile PC monitor dilemmas by providing flexible touchscreen monitors. The screens are the perfect size for car computing, or for any number of other uses. The Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T model 7-Inch Touchscreen Monitor is the company's newest 7" monitor and boasts a new adjustable LED backlight design for a crisper, clearer picture, especially in sunlight. Benchmark Reviews is ready to bring you all the information you need to know about this monitor in order to make a decision about it for your mobile computing needs.

Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen LCD HDTV
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HDTVs are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. With such new-found popularity, there are more TVs than ever to choose from. The wise consumer contemplates overall value rather than just size and brand name. Benchmark Reviews seeks out the value in HDTVs with this review of the 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen Olevia 227V-S11 LCD HDTV; a steal at just over $400. Olevia is quickly making High Definition the standard with their affordable line of HDTVs, and they aren't skimping on quality in the process.


Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTV
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Not all televisions are created equally, and yet most consumers are in the dark when it comes to knowing the difference. However, for those smart shoppers who keep in touch with technology, Honeywell offers a treat for home theater enthusiasts. The Altura MLX series delivers a 1080p resolution at the double-rate 120Hz display speed. The Honeywell MT-HWJCT42B2AB offers 42" of full high-definition LCD viewing with a 10-bit color gamut far superior to most all other LCD panels. Benchmark Reviews tests the performance and quality of this HDTV in this article.

Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTV MT-HWJCT42B2AB

Olevia/Syntax 242T FHD 42-Inch LCD 1080p HDTV
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With analog broadcasts terminating in February, you can bet HDTVs will be a hot item this holiday season. What was once considered a luxury, is now becoming mainstream as many HDTVs are approaching the price points of their standard definition counterparts. Olevia is one such company making this a possibility. With their 2-series HDTVs, Olevia is bringing the award-winning technology of their high-end televisions to the average consumer. Today, Benchmark Reviews looks at the Olevia 242T FHD 42" HDTV. Believe it or not, this fully featured, 42" 1080p HDTV can be had for just $849.99.

Olevia 242T FHD 42-Inch HDTV

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