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Desktop Computer Hardware Component Predictions

For the past six years it has been my duty to contact product manufacturers, and arrange test samples of cutting-edge products for our review team. Since started back in 2007, I have repeatedly enjoyed hands-on experience with exotic desktop PC computer components that most techies can only dream of owning. Together with my computer business, I've been afforded a broad view of the market, one that has given me a unique opportunity to see new trends emerge while watching old fads quietly fade away (ie: Rambus RD-RAM, OCZ NIA, HD-DVD, and various Virtual Reality gadgets). My experiences within the hardware industry have enabled me to predict where the technology is driving us with some accuracy, based on historical lessons the younger generation have forgotten. In this editorial I will explain what could happen next in the desktop computer hardware segment, as it attempts to co-exist with a mobile mega-industry.


240GB OCZ Vertex 450 Solid State Drive

The last time we tested the OCZ Vertex 4, it was powered by a dual-core Marvell controller that combined technology from separate sources. This time, the OCZ Vertex 450 solid state drive is made of in-house components. Featuring an Indilinx BF3-M10 Barefoot 3 controller that supports 20nm Synchronous Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash components with AES-256 encryption and Trim support, Vertex 450 is good for 540 MB/s read speeds over a SATA 6-Gb/s connection. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the 240GB OCZ Vertex 450 SSD, model VTX450-25SAT3-256G, against the leading competition.


Mad Catz M.O.U.S.9 Gaming Mouse

Enthusiasts know Mad Catz and their gaming-oriented peripherals. In fact, the company motto is All About the Game. Under their Tritton, Saitek, and Cyborg sub-brands, they've offered keyboards, headsets, game controllers, mice, flight sticks and other peripherals aimed at gamers. Now, they tell us, they've decided to offer a more "mainstream" mouse, the M.O.U.S.9. Although it's visually very similar to their R.A.T. series of gaming mice, the M.O.U.S.9 is more consumer-oriented. How much more so? Well, we here at Benchmark Reviews aim to find out.


Rosewill RSCM-12003 Outdoor Security Camera

Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes, with wired and wireless connections, and occasionally come with features such as pan, tilt, zoom, or infrared night vision. Consequently, security cameras also span the gamut in terms of pricing, with models costing anywhere from twenty dollars to several thousands. Featuring an IP66 hardened outdoor waterproof enclosure, the Rosewill RSCM-12003 IR Outdoor Bullet Camera kit is ideal for general-purpose outdoor or indoor wired security systems, and perfectly compliments Rosewill's own RSVA-11001 or RSVA-12001 all-in-one DVR kits. Comprised of Sony's 1/3" CCD sensor inside, the RCMR-13CCDIR camera unit produces 540 lines of resolution. In this article Benchmark Reviews inspects the Rosewill RSCM-12003 outdoor security camera kit, and weighs in on its features.



Streaming and digital products are quickly replacing their physical counterparts, allowing personal entertainment to reach a new level of convenience. Watching streaming content or downloaded multimedia files have almost completely replaced television broadcasts and movies on disc, especially for viewers with a portable multimedia device. Pivos Technology Group observed the shift to digital content, and produced the Pivos XIOS DS Media Play! embedded system (model PTGMCXDALU-US) for multimedia enthusiasts. Capable of playing nearly every modern video format across HDMI onto a HDTV or monitor at high-definition 1080p using the familiar Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich interface. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the Pivos XIOS DS Media Play! system, and rates how well it performs against the leading competition.


Razer DeathAdder 2013 Gaming Mouse

Razer has made a good product better with the new DeathAdder 2013 gaming mouse, model RZ01-00840100-R3U1. Maintaining it's famous ergonomic design, Razer has upgraded the optical laser to a more sensitive one as well as added rubber side grips. Many versions of the DeathAdder are available and the budget-conscious consumer will surely contemplate whether or not the refinements are worth the price difference. The featured product is marketed as an essential ergonomic gaming mouse; there are no bells are whistles, no weight adjustment, no changeable lights, just a mouse designed to dominate. Since the 2013 version of the DeathAdder is quite similar to it's predecessors, this review may also serve as an evaluation of the general DeathAdder series. Read on as Benchmark reviews takes a close look at the raved-about Razer DeathAdder 2013 gaming mouse to see what all the hype is about.

AMD A10-6700 APU Richland Processor

AMD has a pattern when it comes to processor releases. They release a new processor, run it through its paces for a while, then they release more of the same die with higher clock speeds. Generally, though, the new processors release at something closer to the release price of the first series of processors. That is the one part of the equation missing from this summer's AMD APU releases. The AMD A10-6700 is the second processor coming out in June 2013 with an MSRP of $142. In this article, Benchmark Reviews is taking a detailed look at the A10-6700, especially its differences from the unlocked A10-6800K.

ASUSTOR AS-604T NAS Network Storage Server

Everybody needs a NAS, I'm convinced. Maybe if I described what the modern NAS has become - a Private Cloud, then everyone would agree. Years ago, when Benchmark Reviews started reviewing NAS servers, they were made to sit on your network as a sort of file server and you used proprietary, vendor supplied backup software. Today, as we all know, everything is wide open. Access anything, anywhere, with any application is not just a dream anymore. Hardware is still important, but the depth and breadth of the software is becoming more of a differentiator. The ASUSTOR AS-604T NAS Network Storage Server uses a familiar hardware platform - Intel Atom and a Linux distro, but the design team didn't stop there. There are some fundamental improvements that were ready to be solved from a slightly different perspective. Join in, as we see how this new 4-bay device compares to its competitors.


Genius Ring Air Mouse 2

It is not often you find a product that has the potential to change the way you work. The Genius Ring Mouse 2, made by KYE Corporation, is just such a product. I immediately could envision myself controlling my own presentation without having to return to the podium, or call on someone to flip through my slides. This alone is enough to justify the purchase for me. But, for the sake of our readers, Benchmark Reviews will test the Ring Mouse II to see what it can and cannot do for "business, travel, education and i-users".


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