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NGOHQ Defends GenL PhysX Mod Against HardOCP E-mail
Written by NGOHQ   
Friday, 30 April 2010

NGOHQ Defends GenL PhysX Mod Against HardOCP

It has come to our attention that HardOCP has recently published false accusations regarding GenL's PhysX Mod. HardOCP claims that mod is infected with a Trojan and recommends avoiding it and avoiding files offered by HardOCP hasn't even bothered to contact us to request clarification, response or explanation before it published the story. In addition, HardOCP's Kyle Bennett has posted the following fascistic comment on his forums: "NGOHQ will never again see a link on HardOCP and within a few days, the name will be banned from being typed here at all. The only reason it is not right now is so that it can be discussed easily."

We have checked GenL's latest mod by using advanced tools and we couldn't find any record of malicious content in it. The file is fully clean and safe, like all the other files hosted here. However, some Antivirus software does detect it as a Trojan, but that's just a false positive due to the included EXE packer. Software developers use packers to compress their executable files and protect them from being cracked and debugged, a well known fact by every software developer and end-user. GenL is forced to use a packer since Nvidia has blocked his mod in recent drivers and it is likely they will try to do it again. GenL has even warned users regarding the false positive issue in the FAQ.

GenL has written the mod out of good intentions and in good faith to help the community. He's not getting paid for his work and he does it in his free time as a hobby. He's working hard just to help you and doesn't see a single buck from it. Therefore, he doesn't have the budget to acquire a good commercial packer, and he's forced to use a free one. Unfortunately, malware developers are using the same free packers in their malware in an attempt to avoid Antivirus detection. To counter this issue, some Antivirus suites are targeting and banning free packers, and that's why GenL's mod is detected as a Trojan in those suites. NGOHQ


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