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Nvidia disables PhysX when ATI card is present E-mail
Written by NGOHQ   
Friday, 25 September 2009

Nvidia disables PhysX when ATI card is present

Well for all those who have have used Nvidia cards for PhysX and ATI cards to render graphics in Windows 7...All that is about to change.

Since the release of 186 graphics drivers Nvidia has decided to disable PhysX anytime a Non-Nvidia GPU is even present in the same PC. Nvidia again has shot themselves in the foot here and showed they are not customer oriented. Since they are pushing Physx this will not win over any ATI fanboys with this latest decision.

Here is a copy of the email I received from Nvidia support confirming what they have done.

"Hello JC,

Ill explain why this function was disabled.

Physx is an open software standard any company can freely develop hardware or software that supports it. Nvidia supports GPU accelerated Physx on NVIDIA GPUs while using NVIDIA GPUs for graphics. NVIDIA performs extensive Engineering, Development, and QA work that makes Physx a great experience for customers. For a variety of reasons - some development expense some quality assurance and some business reasons NVIDIA will not support GPU accelerated Physx with NVIDIA GPUs while GPU rendering is happening on non- NVIDIA GPUs. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused but I hope you can understand.

Best Regards,
NVIDIA Customer Care"

So this really confirms that PhysX will be doomed as an adopted API regardless how hard Nvidia pushes it as a result of action like this. NGOHQ

EDITORS NOTE: This is exactly similar to how post-processing effects such as anti-aliasing are disabled for ATI video cards in the NVIDIA-sponsored game Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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