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Written by David Ramsey   
Saturday, 10 September 2011
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HP Touchpad Performance Hacking Guide
Installing Uberkernel and Govnah
Overclocking the Touchpad

HP Touchpad Performance Hacking Guide

In our previous guide: Root Hacking the HP Touchpad Tablet PC, Benchmark Reviews showed you how to enable Developer Mode on the HP Touchpad, and, with the new capabilities this mode enables, to download and install the Preware applications manager. In this installment, we'll show you how to dramatically improve the performance of your Touchpad by disabling excessive logging functions and overclocking its dual-core processor.

Excessive Logging

Most computers maintain log files, which are records of operations they've performed and errors they've encountered. Reviewing log files can help isolate the causes of a problem. Developers must decide how much information to log: too little, and you might miss useful information; too much, and you slow the system down and fill its storage with log data.

HP seems to have erred on the side of "too much" with the Touchpad, which logs just about everything. Perhaps this was to help HP track down WebOS and application bugs in a new platform, but there's so much logging going on that it has a noticeable effect on the Touchpad's performance. In fact, there are so many logging features we'll need to do this in three parts. Let's start with the simplest one first. For this step we don't need any extra software.

Step 1: Open the Phone and Video Calls application.

Step 2: Touch the Dial Pad icon at the upper left of the screen. When the dial pad appears, type ##LOGS# (##5647#) and click the Dial button.


(Note: If you can't get to the dial pad, it's because you don't have any voice over IP accounts configured. The easiest solution is to create a Skype account-- you don't have to use it, just create it.)

Step 3: When the logging level screen appears, click the Set Logging to Minimal button and then click the confirmation at the bottom of the screen.


OK, that's the first part. But there's still some logging going on, and we'll need to download some utility software to deal with it. To do that, we'll use the Preware application we installed in the first article.

Step 1: Run Preware. Select Available Packages, then Linux Applications, then Utilities.

Step 2: In the list of utilities, select EOM Overlord Monitoring.


Step 3: Install the package by tapping the Install button at the bottom of the screen. It's interesting to note that the stock tablet will upload rather a lot of data that you might not want uploaded!

For the last part, we'll use Preware to install two system patches that will disable the last logging items.

Step 1: Run Preware.

Step 2: Touch Available Packages, then Patch, then System. Select Muffle System Logging, and tap the Install button. This will disable all system-level logging except for errors. Tap Later when asked if you want to restart the system.

Step 3: Tap the Back arrow button at the top left of the screen, then tap the Misc selection. Select Remove Dropped Packet Logging, and tap Install. At this point you can go ahead and restart the system. When it's finished restarting, you can run Preware again and select Installed Packages, then Patch. You should see these two patches in the list:


At this point we've disabled or at least "turned down" the excessive logging in the system. This in itself is enough to speed things up noticeably, but we're not finished yet. Let's overclock that Touchpad!



# Bug in Muffle System LoggingMartin 2011-09-11 11:44
People have reported a bug with Muffle System Logging, so it's probably best to wait until a fix is posted.

Go here:

but be aware that the fixes posted have had mixed results for people.
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# good webOS sitesjoshua 2011-09-13 10:50
good guide, I found majority of this stuff and more over at some dedicated webOS communities. (they have apps and games, emulators)
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# Thanks so MuchEnigma8750 2011-09-20 17:05
I would just like to thank the writer's of Benchmark Review' for their compiling information on my Little touchpad. I really love it and I thank you so much for helping to make it even better than it already is.. When you guys figure out how to install Android on it, Please let us know. Be the first..
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# Change logging level without voice accountClaude 2011-09-20 23:31
To change the logging level without creating a voice account, go to "Device Info" and select "Custom Apps" from the App Menu. You can then enter the special command ##LOGS#
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# Resource Questionswalter 2011-09-24 21:04
Can any one suggest.
1. Any slide type keyboard for webos/hp/touchpad?
2. Any Better browser? Want to organize favorites.
3. Any programs that will allow me to stream windows media player files?
4. So much talk about putting on andriod but not done yet where should I Look.

**I know this might not be the best place or most appropriate location but have to start somewhere. And I just did this overclocking***

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# RE: Resource QuestionsDavid Ramsey 2011-09-24 22:54
1. Any Bluetooth keyboard will work. I'm not aware of any "slide out" types, though.
2. No.
3. No.
4. There's nothing ready for prime time yet.
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# helpbrennan 2011-09-26 11:49
i just did what steps 3 and 4, where you enter the new feeds and it said directions are obsolete, see can anybody help. im new to webOS. thanks
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# helpjedediah 2011-10-01 23:43
hey brennan i was getting the same thing too but if you look up at the top of the list both are already inputed into the system.. at least on mine it was... hope it helps
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# Faster Card Animation etc..Xelaenil 2011-10-03 09:14
I was not able to install Faster Card Animations HYPER Version and Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness from the preware list of applications. I found them, but at time of installation it had an error and I don't think it ever installed. Anyone else?

On the adding I encountered a couple of errors but continued on and it all seemed to work fine. Like Jedediah, when I looked at the list it was already added, so I continued with the update too.

thanks... Hopefully my touchPad will work better because of this article...
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# No Muffle system loggingD Hutch 2011-10-21 17:07
Once I get to step 2 there is no muffle system logging to select, nor is there the dropped packet logging in step 3 help please
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# RE: No Muffle system loggingDavid Ramsey 2011-10-21 19:13
Hm. I wonder if your preware has all the correct feeds. Tap the Preware menu button in the upper left hand corner of the screen, then select "Manage Feeds" from the drop down menu. You should see six feeds whose names start with "webos-" and they should all be turned on (well, except maybe "webos-kernels-testing".
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# Mr.Gilbert 2011-10-24 19:07
I am only seein 3 feed with webos, what should i do Thanks
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# RE: HP Touchpad Performance Hacking GuideDavid Ramsey 2011-10-26 21:30
You should do a Google search for "preware" and find some PreWare forums (there are lots). The folks there can help.

Apparently the list of available feeds has changed since this article was written.
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# Update 3.0.477Aaron Z 2011-11-06 13:01
Hey David,I just got my touchpad and it came with the newest webos update on it, 3.0.477. When i followed the steps here I am getting some differences. Is this guide still valid for the newest update? I hear it did fix some of these issues, as well, but I am still interested in overclocking.
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# RE: Update 3.0.477David Ramsey 2011-11-06 13:06
Aaron, I must admit I don't know. The over clocking hack comprises a recompiled kernel, so I suspect it wouldn't work with the new WebOS, at least not until someone applies the hack to the new kernel. My only suggestion would be to check some of the WebOS forums around the interwebs and see what other folks have done.
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# RE: RE: Update 3.0.477Aaron Z 2011-11-06 13:09
Will do. Thanks. Awesome to see your dedication to this thing so long after HP has abandoned it.
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# RE: HP Touchpad Performance Hacking GuideAaron Z 2011-11-06 13:39
By the way, I at least set the logging to minimal and Installed EOM Overload Monitoring and 3.0.477 is FLYING with just that
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# RE: RE: HP Touchpad Performance Hacking GuideDavid Ramsey 2011-11-06 13:45
Yeah, I'm kinda surprised they haven't turned this stuff off in the new OS builds.
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