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Written by HiTechLegion   
Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sheer Gaming Horse Power or The total package? Part 1

Let's face it, I may be a Journalist, Reviewer or what ever you choose to call me, but ultimately I am a consumer. As a consumer, I choose, and prefer to purchase, a product that gives me the best all encompassing experience or satisfaction for my dollar. When I purchased my car a year ago, I knew I wanted a turbo engine that was fuel efficient, had the features I desired and was in the price range I was willing to reach, without having to decline an option even though it would be available to me when I had the money in the future. After months of research, I purchased the Crossover SUV I own today, with everything I preferred, at the price I chose to spend, and didn't have to wait for the future to get an option I wanted. Would you buy a car if you were told you would have to wait for its air conditioner to work because the new Freon is in development? I don't think so (Unless you live in Alaska). With that said I'll get to the soup and nuts of this article.

For years, we have been purchasing computer components that have been ahead of programming technology, whether they are CPUs, Video Cards, Optical Drives, or even Hard Drives, and, at times, memory. Can your motherboard run the DDR3 2200 MHZ you have in your computer at 2200 MHz, or do you have to overclock your system to get it there? Yes, they may have the horse power and future potential but the programming technology is still not caught up. I have been using quad core processors for three years but the amount of software available that can actually utilize all four cores (Multistream Processing) is limited or too expensive for me to afford.

Raise your Hand! How many of you went out and purchased a Video Card that was ahead of programming technology for it's future potential or what the manufacturer stated its future potential was? By the time there was anything that could utilize the potential, you had already purchased an upgraded model because it took that long for it to reach its potential? My hand is up! Face it people, DX11 will be out in a month and how many worth while DX 10 games are available right now? HiTechLegion

EDITORS NOTE: It's worth it to read AMD respond to NVIDIA's tough Radeon HD 5800 questions, which preceeded this article.

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