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Windows 7: A desktop user's take E-mail
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Windows 7: A desktop user's take

In two short months, Microsoft will release a new operating system, and Vista will fade from pre-built PCs and retail shelves like an unhappy memory. Windows 7 has already gotten an inordinate amount of exposure, with two public test releases and mass coverage in the tech press. When it comes out, it will supplant not just Vista on desktops, notebooks, and media-center PCs, but also Windows XP on netbooks-and, quite possibly, on the machines of enthusiasts who've so far refused to switch.

Since everyone is so excited, we decided to take Windows 7 for a prolonged spin. Specifically, I installed the final, release-to-manufacturing version of the OS on my primary desktop computer and used it for around three weeks, jotting down notes as I went along. What follows is not a complete overview with benchmarks of the new OS, but a look at what features make Windows 7 worth the switch on the desktop in particular and how well they work. We'll also be looking at the various editions of Windows 7 and giving you pointers on which one to pick up. Let the experiment begin! TechReport



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