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Enabling Multi-Channel for Other Audio Formats E-mail
Written by MissingRemote   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Enabling Multi-Channel for Other Audio Formats

While there are many multi-channel audio codecs around (AC-3, DTS, AAC, WMAPro, and FLAC to name a few) most* AVR will only decode bitstreamed AC-3 and DTS variants, so even though technically possible to send other compressed multi-channel formats to the AVR it won't know what to do with them.

If all your content is one of those formats, like all DVDs and Blue-ray discs which contain either an AC-3 or DTS (and sometimes both) audio track you're all set, just setup AC3Filter in SPDIF mode and you're done. If on the hand, you have a more diverse collection of multi-channel formats in your collection and you want to enjoy more than stereo sound it is necessary to configure the PC to decode those audio formats to PCM then compress it to a format that can be bitstreamed to the AVR for decoding. MissingRemote


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