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Gigabyte Overclocking Qualification E-mail
Written by Madshrimps   
Thursday, 09 April 2009

Before we tell you about the actual overclocking day in Eindhoven, a few quick words on the online submission system. First of all, although it's more than understandable that Gigabyte only allows people to submit results using Gigabyte products, we believe the competition would be even fiercer when people would be allowed to use any brand to qualify for the Gigabyte overclocking finals. To have an even more competitive final, the Gigabyte team could also work together with Hwbot and the Overclocking World Records page, where you can find an online overclocking league in which more than 15,000 people compete in all the latest benchmarks.

Long story short: the top 3 per group were allowed to go to the next round in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Belgian and Dutch entries were merged in one group, as were the German and Swiss entries. The submission system was pretty simple: whoever had the fastest SuperPi 4M score, wins. Not many scores were posted at start, so no one really had a view on what had to be done to reach the finals in Eindhoven. A few teams even awaited the deadline to submit their score!

Massman and myself both sent in our best possible result, but sadly enough none of our entries was good enough to head to Eindhoven (well, Massman's was actually better than the best from Germany). I didn't have an i7 setup ready so I had to compete with my Core 2 Duo system against four i7's. Massman had a very bad overclocking 965 Engineering Sample and lost his third memory channel whilst overclocking ... bad kharma, I guess. Pt1t, however, got his free ride to Gigabyte headquarters and opted for Massman as support. Albrecht (Leeghoofd) and myself were kindly invited by Gigabyte to cover this event for the Madshrimp Times, well ... as press. For us it would be a nice meet and greet with some of the top overclockers of HWbot. Madshrimps


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