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OCZ Vertex Real-World Test Caught on Tape E-mail
Written by Madshrimps   
Thursday, 02 April 2009

I've been following the SSD scene for quite some time now, waiting for a good moment to step in and buy one for my own setup. When Intel launched their X25-M SSD and all review sites out there reported excellent performance, no matter what you threw at it, I came close to ordering one, but was put off by the high price per gigabyte.

OCZ has been on the frontline of more affordable SSD products from the get go with their Core series (v1/v2) which gave the masses SSD storage at an acceptable price; to get the best performance though you had to do a whole lot of system tweaking, reformatting, more tweaking and in the end you had a fast system, which might still act up from time to time.

Anybody considering buying an SSD should have read this excellent article by Anandtech by now, where they outline the strengths and weaknesses of current lower cost SSDs, the main culprit: the controller. The cheaper controller used in the entry level SSDs can cause severe performance dips when smaller file blocks are written and random I/O is performed; over time performance also degrades noticeable once the drive is completely full. Anandtech put different SSD through their paces, and while the Intel X25 reigns supreme, for the first time there is a new contender, the OCZ Vertex, which uses a new controller.

The OCZ Vertex still benefits from the multiple tweaks you can do to increase your system's performance with SSDs, but it doesn't rely on it to perform properly; it works just as well "plug & play" and this is a must for most users out there.

I bought a retail OCZ Vertex 30Gb drive for ~€164 (shipped) from, not the cheapest out there storage device out there, the most expensive 2.5" drives are below that number; but it's brand new tech and if you want to be the first, you pay the premium. It came shipped with firmware 1199, I flashed the drive to the latest release at this time 1275. Madshrimps

Benchmark Reviews has also tested the OCZ Vertex 120GB SATA SSD OCZSSD2-1VTX120G


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