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How to Assemble a Custom PC E-mail
Written by HiTech Legion   
Saturday, 28 March 2009

Back in December I figured out what my new year's resolution was going to be... I'm giving up pre-built computer systems! Oh those packaged Dells, Gateways and HPs certainly have their place. They're great if you're a complete novice, or if your computing needs are quite modest. But they can be very limiting in terms of expansion and customization. A much better choice is to build your own custom computer, which despite what one might at first think, is not rocket science. Anyone with the inclination and the desire can do it. That's precisely what I've set out in this article to prove. I'll be starting with a variety of components pulled from various sources (friends, coworkers, the deep dark recesses of my closet) as well as a few new components. My intension is to gradually add to this system over time, so don't expect the ultimate system to materialize before you in one fell swoop. What you can expect, is an informative narrative describing the process by which anyone could assemble and configure a custom PC. HiTech Legion

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