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Green Tips To Prevent Phantom Energy Loss E-mail
Written by Greener Trends   
Monday, 02 February 2009

There are certain electronic devices in your home that continue to use power even though they are not turned on, lovingly called "Vampires" or "Phantoms."

  • Unplug your phone, camera, Ipod, and/or power tool charger. These chargers use energy even when your devices are not plugged in.
  • Unplug your television and attached electronics. It is easier if you have them all plugged into power strips, because rather than having to unplug each device, you can just turn off the strip.
  • Unplug your computer and attached electronics. Just like with the TV, the computer is also a phantom energy user along with its attached devices. So, turning off a power strip is the easiest way to prevent phantom energy being used while these products are turned off.
  • Unplug kitchen appliances with clocks. If you see a clock,then your kitchen device is using power. If possible, keep these appliances unplugged to prevent phantom energy usage. Greener Trends


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