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Nvidia 40nm Mobile GPUs Line-Up For 2009 E-mail
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Sunday, 04 January 2009

Recently, we revealed the 40nm desktop GPUs lineup from Nvidia and now we will reveal their 40nm mobile GPUs lineup for this year to give you a better picture. Nvidia naming scheme for mobile side is pretty confusing, let alone the number of re-branding and renaming taking place but we have compiled a nice table to make it easy for you to understand.

Nvidia is going to class their mobile GPUs as N10x this year and the confusing part is that it could be G9x based or GT21x based. However, the process technology will show which GPU architecture they belong to. Nvidia will transit all the G9x based mobile GPUs from 65nm to 55nm by quarter and it will be denoted by the suffix "1" behind their codename except for N10M GE1 which is still 65nm based. As for their marketing names, Nvidia is going to call them GeForce GTX 180M/170M, GTS 160M, GT 130M/120M, G 110M/105M.

Second half of this year, the mobile GPUs will transit into 40nm based on the new GT21x architecture. N10E GTX, the highest end SKU will be based on GT212 while the rest of the N10E family like GT, GS, GE will be based on GT215. N10P GS, NS, GE, GLM will be based on GT216 and lastly, N10M GS and GE will be based on GT218. VR-Zone


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