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Creating Seamless Textures with Photoshop CS4 E-mail
Written by TestFreaks   
Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Have you ever needed to tile a picture of some sort of texture - fabric, grass, sand, water, stones - only to find that when you do, you can see the sides of the images repeated throughout? It looks awful! People have to tile images for all sorts of reasons. These reasons range from simple things like tiled computer backgrounds to more complicated endeavors, like texturing a 3D image in a digital rendering, video game or virtual world.

This how-to will show you two of the most popular methods for taking a regular image and making it seamless using Photoshop CS4; one of the industry's most popular image editing tools. With the right steps, a little know-how and a splash of artistic ability, anyone can learn to take any image and remove the edges for a nice, natural tile. Adobe Photoshop is a piece of software that runs on both Mac and PC, so it is readily available for most people's systems.

There are many plug-ins out there that you can purchase for Photoshop that will help with creating seamless images. Many of them specialize in certain types of textures, such as wood or metal, and won't work well for all types. For that reason, and because doing the process manually isn't incredibly difficult, I'd recommend learning how to create seamless images by hand. The technique you are about to learn can be used on any type of texture to eliminate the seams and craft fine-looking tiling. TestFreaks


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