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Reformatting Windows XP the RIGHT way E-mail
Written by Icrontic   
Thursday, 23 October 2008

Reformatting Windows XP the RIGHT way

At the ripe age of eight years, Microsoft's venerable Windows XP remains its most popular operating system to date. In spite of the impressive stability which has made it so popular, Windows' capacity to affect mysterious and seemingly-irreparable problems is well-known. When plagued with an issue that few - if anybody - seem to have an answer to, it can be a maddening experience.

Yet for every problem, the full reformat stands as solution guaranteed to remedy any issue that does not stem from faulty hardware. Rather than spending days on an error that may never have an identifiable cause or actionable solution, a reformat can make everything right as rain in just a few hours.

In this definitive article, Icrontic will assist you in archiving your important data, erasing the faulty installation of Windows, installing a fresh copy, and outline the best practices for minimizing your investment of time in future reformats. Icrontic


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