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FREE Anti-Virus Protection E-mail
Written by VR-Zone   
Friday, 05 June 2009

FREE TRIAL software is available from just about every software vendor. It is akin to promoters in the shopping mall giving out free trials/samples of food. Small bits, perhaps bits large enough to get you enticed hooked and wanting more.

Computer software is almost the same, is the same. Why not give you the end user the ability to run the full blown software without hinderance. You'll find it useful, perhaps even use it substantially that you can no longer go back or turn around and try something else - you're hooked!

An aside to what made me think about writing this. I was visiting Japan last month and was in the Takashimaya Department store at their food court level, believe me it is nothing like the Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City (Singapore). For the benefit of the North Americans reading this it is a store bigger than your Neiman Marcus and for the Brits bigger than a Harrods or Marks & Spencer. It was a sight to behold. Everywhere you turned you could find someone trying to give you a free piece of food. There was so much so that you could walk around and get full on the samples. I wonder why they say some Japanese are starving. Just dress well and by visiting the various department stores you can feed yourself silly. Anyway back to the real reason for writing this.

Why not feed and fill yourself on free trials of anti-virus (AV) {No not Adult Video} software. It could be any other software for that matter. It just fits and works with AV because there is no working files that you need to worry about compatibility from version to version. VR-Zone


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