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AMD Sempron-140 Extreme Overclocking Experiment E-mail
Written by Madshrimps   
Monday, 12 April 2010

AMD Sempron-140 Extreme Overclocking Experiment

Hwbot launched a nice new competition called HWBOT Country cup a while ago. Taking 7 benchmarks over 7 weeks with each new stage, limitations (hardware, benchmark wise) only being announced a few days before the start. As it was a country cup an average of the best 3 submissions would count. Time to regroup instead of going for individual or team benching. Belgium has got very few active OCers left, luckily for OC Team Be we got some support form team. Stage 5 had Wprime32 as chosen benchmark and the main hardware limitation it had to be run on a single core CPU.

A quick look at the best single CPU scores at HWbot clearly indicated that the most performing solution would be the AMD Sempron 140. At a pricing rate of a mere 35 euro, I quickly grabbed a sample via Hans from JAHA. Let's see what this little puppy can do under air and more extreme cooling : Phase and LN2. But beforehand a small intro on the CPU itself. Madshrimps


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