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Far Cry 2 Gameplay Demo and Fact Sheet E-mail
Written by HardwareSecrets   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Last week during nVidia Editor's Day Spring 2008 Ubisoft made a gameplay presentation of Far Cry 2. I happened to be there and record the whole presentation, basically the folks from Ubisoft playing the game and showing what's new - you can watch it below. Funny enough they said that this was the first public presentation of this game, but we could find a few other videos with gameplay presentations of Far Cry 2 on YouTube (but since these other videos were all shot in 2007 we believe our demo was performed with a more updated version of the game). They also provided to the folks present a fact sheet, two high-res screenshots and a technical video presentation, all of which I also included here. Enjoy! HardwareSecrets


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