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Written by David Ramsey - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 22 December 2009
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NVIDIA 3D-Vision: Blu-Ray, Cameras, Projectors
3D-Vision Monitors and Projectors
3D Digital Cameras and Web Browsers
3D Blu-ray Disc Players
Windows Mode and 3D Vision Notebook Computers
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

NVIDIA 3D Vision: Blu-Ray, Cameras, Projectors, and HDTV

Benchmark Reviews tested the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Gaming Kit when it originally launched back in January, 2009. Comprising a set of battery-powered LCD shutter glasses, the infrared emitter to drive them, and special 120Hz refresh-rate monitors, it enabled high-quality 3D gaming with hundreds of games, as long as you had a sufficiently powerful NVIDIA video card. At that time we revealed that 3D-Vision certainly enhanced the gaming experience, but it also took a toll on video frame rates which dropped more than 50%. Still, with the limited 1680x1050 resolution of the two available 120Hz refresh rate monitors available, most mid-to-high-end NVIDIA GeForce video cards are plenty fast enough to provide playable 3D frame rates.


But 3D gaming was just a foot in the door for NVIDIA's 3D Vision product line. NVIDIA wants you to see 3D in still photographs, in YouTube movies on your web browser, and on your 3D-capable television in content from forthcoming 3D Blu-ray disks. They want 3D on gaming notebooks and it wouldn't surprise me if new generations of their Tegra mobile graphics products supported it some day, too. NVIDIA calls this the "3D Revolution", and they aim to be at the forefront of it.

In 2010, NVIDIA is planning to extend their 3D Vision technology into still photos, the web experience, gaming laptops, and upcoming 3D televisions. Benchmark Reviews recently attended an NVIDIA one-on-one briefing on these new technologies, which will be formally announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

About the Company: NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA) is the world leader in visual computing technologies and the inventor of the GPU, a high-performance processor which generates breathtaking, interactive graphics on workstations, personal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. NVIDIA serves the entertainment and consumer market with its GeForce products, the professional design and visualization market with its Quadro products, and the high-performance computing market with its Tesla products. These products are transforming visually-rich and computationally-intensive applications such as video games, film production, broadcasting, industrial design, financial modeling, space exploration, and medical imaging.NVIDIA_GeForce-CUDA_Logo_300px.jpg

NVIDIA Product Lines

GeForce - GPUs dedicated to graphics and video.
Desktop and notebook PCs equipped with GeForce GPUs deliver unparalleled performance, crisp photos, high-definition video playback, and ultra-realistic games. GeForce notebook GPUs also include advanced power management technology to deliver high performance without sacrificing battery life.

Quadro - A complete range of professional solutions engineered to deliver breakthrough performance and quality.
Certified for all leading professional graphics applications. #1in professional graphics segment share. NVIDIA Quadro Plex is the industry's first dedicated visual computing system (VCS).

Tesla - A massively-parallel multi-threaded architecture for high-performance computing problems.
A dedicated, high-performance GPU computing solution that brings supercomputing power to any workstation or server and to standard, CPU-based server clusters. Tesla delivers a 128-processor computing core per GPU, C-language development environment for the GPU, and a suite of developer tools - allowing users to develop applications faster and to deploy them across multiple generations of processors. It also can be used in tandem with multi-core CPU systems to create a scalable computing solution that fits seamlessly into existing workstation or IT infrastructures.



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