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Written by Servando Silva - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Table of Contents: Page Index
Adobe Flash HD-Video GPU Acceleration Guide
ATI GPU Acceleration Problems
Setting up your ATI GPU
NVIDIA Control Panel Settings
Testbeds and Methodology
High-End PC CPU usage
ATI Image Quality
NVIDIA Image Quality
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ATI Image Quality

Our next target is to test different configurations in order to see how does image quality is affected by enhancing the videos with the Video Card. ATI made the process much simpler by adding a demo mode with split screen. The left part of the screen shows the video unaffected by the GPU enhancement and the right side shows the video with the image enhanced. Let's have a look at Big Buck Bunny IQ.


The difference is pretty clear. I added Edge-enhancement percentage because that's the most aggressive feature on ATI cards. You can see the difference on the eyes and teeth. Practically, edge enhancement is all around. In this image there is no noticeable difference in colors. Let´s have a look on another picture.


Again, if you can´t see the difference by watching at the grass you definitively need glasses. The grass looks totally different when enhanced by the GPU. I think the fruits look somewhat over-exaggerated so maybe lowering the edge percentage would be better. Again, no color difference in this image, but I need to clarify the source is already very vivid and it would be difficult to make it more colorful. Let´s move to our second video New Moon Scene.


In this image we can notice a difference in color and edges. First of all, the enhanced image is more vivid and bright. In 3d animated movies it looked like 50% edge enhancement was alright, a little bit exaggerated, but still good. In movies like this, we can see edge-enhancement is too much for the IQ. The girl at the picture looks weird and somewhat plasticized.


So I tried lowering edge enhancement down to 15% and I think this fits the image much better. The edges look enhanced without looking out of the scheme, and colors are still more vivid and bright than the original video. I added a pair of pictures more but this time without split mode.


Now, I bet you see the differences a mile away off distance. The background looks more bright and vivid. Colors are more dynamic and edge enhancement make things look more detailed. ATI did a great job with the Image Quality and that's good to hear. To the green side of the force (NVIDIA), follow me you should...


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