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Written by Servando Silva - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Table of Contents: Page Index
Adobe Flash HD-Video GPU Acceleration Guide
ATI GPU Acceleration Problems
Setting up your ATI GPU
NVIDIA Control Panel Settings
Testbeds and Methodology
High-End PC CPU usage
ATI Image Quality
NVIDIA Image Quality
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

High-End PC CPU usage

Let´s start with the High-End PC. Being a Core i7 CPU I don´t expect it to hinder with 1080p flash videos, not even using CPU. In fact, reproducing 1080p videos for a high-end CPU like this is like a walk in the park. So, the next image shows CPU usage average without DXVA after reproducing Big Buck Bunny animation 1080p.


Now, that was easy. CPU average is 7.752% while it maxed at 13.814%. Flash HD videos for CPU are very easy to handle. Now let´s have a look at the same test with the new BETA flash version. Let´s see if we can lower the CPU usage even more.


It´s possible! DXVA made CPU usage go to 2.778% average and 9.33% for maximum peaks. Adobe Flash Player did a good job with ATI enabling DXVA support. Let´s see if we can measure a bigger difference on CPU usage when switching to a low-end, I mean, and ION based PC.


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