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Written by Servando Silva - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Table of Contents: Page Index
Adobe Flash HD-Video GPU Acceleration Guide
ATI GPU Acceleration Problems
Setting up your ATI GPU
NVIDIA Control Panel Settings
Testbeds and Methodology
High-End PC CPU usage
ATI Image Quality
NVIDIA Image Quality
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Catalyst Control Center Settings

ATI has been working very close with Adobe lately. It´s easy to know this since many Adobe products have got GPU acceleration lately and ATI won´t stand back on the competition. When Adobe Flash 10.1 was launched, ATI had some problems which evolved into bad performance when using DXVA. ATI solved this with their newest drivers and they even added some goodies to their Catalyst Control Center. Let me show you what I´m talking about in the next steps. So, first of all, we need to access to our ATI CCC by right-clicking anywhere on our desktop´s background.


Keep in mind you need the latest ATI Drivers installed for a proper DXVA performance. The new Catalyst Control Center comes with a new look. Now go to the main menu and select Avivo Video and then select the all settings tab (highlighted in green).


Here, we can set a proper configuration for image quality, which is an important plus when accelerating flash videos with your GPU. Go to the Advanced Color options and enable Color Vibrance and Flesh Tone correction as it has been done in the next image.


Now scroll-down to Basic Quality settings and enable automatic deinterlacing and Pulldown detection. You should also enable Edge-enhancement and de-noise settings along with Dynamic contrast on the Advanced Quality settings. As I´ve told before, the Edge-enhancement on ATI GPUs is very aggressive, so you need to try different configurations on your PC to get the quality desired. I personally set it up to 50%, but ended adjusting it to 15% only. I find 15%-25% being the best range depending on which kind of videos I´m going to watch.


Finally, let´s enable Enforce Smooth Video Playback on ATI CCC. The next setting is the Video Demo Mode. This is a very nice feature available on ATI GPUs which let us enable or disable all the settings selected above. There are 3 different modes. Enhancements off and enhancements on are clear to understand. They just enable/disable the settings selected before in real-time so you can compare the IQ of your videos.

The Split Screen Mode actually does split the screen and shows you both enhanced and not enhanced video on your screen. So, when you playback a video, you will have a line at the half, and the left side will be the non-enhanced IQ while the enhanced IQ will be at the right side. This might sound complicated but it isn´t. You will fully understand this on the next pages. I personally recommend split screen mode to notice the IQ difference on your videos while testing.



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