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32Bit OS Shoot-Out: Windows Xp vs Vista vs W7 E-mail
Written by TestFreaks   
Thursday, 04 February 2010

32Bit OS Shoot-Out: Windows Xp vs Vista vs W7

A few months ago I did a piece with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and compared them to each other. A lot of you whined though that I was comparing 32bit operating systems to 64bit operating systems and you told me that my testing was wrong for that reason.

I ran the 32bit and the 64bit versions of XP on separate hard drives and switched between them, but I found I was spending more time with Xp32 than I was with XpP64 because of the lack of support. I think it was almost a full year actually before I finally gave up and just formatted the hard drive that had Xp64 on it.

This one is truly all 32bit operating systems, yes I spent many hours installing and testing these operating systems to get a better idea of which really is the better choice. I used the exact same hard drive for each operating system to make sure it was truly comparable, fresh installs each time and of course it's the exact same hardware for each as well. I've actually expanded the testing a bit to include networking, video encoding, and gaming and even how they handle things like USB drives or removable storage. This is probably the most comprehensive comparison out there today in terms of what was tested and all of the tests that were run on these operating systems, so I hope you learn something from it... TestFreaks


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