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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 10 November 2006
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Lian Li PC-B20A Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case
PC-B20A Exterior Details
Basic Interior Features
PC-B20A Interior Details
Lian Li PC-B20A Fit and Finish

Introduction: Lian Li PC-B20A

Well known to computer enthusiasts and gamers alike, Lian Li has built a name based on performance and quality above everything else. Every single product released by Lian Li has had meticulous attention paid to details which the competition usually ignores. Clearly, there is no equal to Lian Li, especially in terms of construction and craftsmanship, but even the closest competitors have learned not to try and one-up Lian Li at their own game. In this review, the Lian Li PC-B20A (A designator for Aluminum finish) mid-tower ATX computer case is up for close inspection. Labeled as part of the Classical Silent family from Lian Li, you will soon see if this should deserve to be your next investment.

After building hundreds of systems over the past few years, I have developed a sense of what is manufacturers consider to be an acceptable product for distribution. While my experiences have ranged from products which were absolutely horrible in concept and production, to products which were carefully thought-out and produced, in the end the product is always less then satisfying. Very rarely have I seen a manufacturer take as much into consideration as I am pleased to see in the Lian Li products.

Lian Li PC-B20 Classical Silent Series ATX Computer Case

Since I began reviewing products, it seems that I have created a name for myself as a case critic among manufacturers. While the PC-B20A is every bit better then the products in my past reviews, my drive to find those obvious (and hidden) design flaws has always inspired my review. Well, sadly this won't end today as I had hoped, as I have made sure to note every little particular thing I felt undesirable. But the good news is that my list is very short, and the PC-B20A is by far the best computer case I have yet to ever see produced. Suffice to say, this will be the case which I may judge others against in the future.

Like nearly every company who has made their presence known to the technology world in the past few years, Lian Li is a company based out of China. I am pleased by the competitive growth our Eastern neighbors have presented us in the technology markets, while at the same time I am very disappointed by the shear lack of skill and industrialism with which the West has met this challenge. Once upon a time the West was the driving force in technology and industry, but without skilled and driven individuals to push with force for the nation as a whole, competitors soon knocked us over and stood in our place. For this, I see a clear opportunity for Western manufacturers to take hold of any rooted patriotism and take back the industry with all of the competition it can handle.

About the company: Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd. Lian-Li Logo

Lian Li Industrial Co., LTD was founded in 1983. We are the one of the largest and most reputable manufacturer of aluminum PC case in Taiwan. With over twenty years of experience in the computer products field, our dedicated team of engineers, production specialists and administrative staff provide the finest quality accessories available on the market.

In 1993, Lian-Li Introduced the new lines of computer hardware, including bracket (for case & interfaces), Mobile rack (for H.D.D.), mounting kit (for FDD & HDD), aluminum PC cases, IPC, external cases, server cases and more. We also provide OEM & ODM services, you are assured of designs that will meet your exact specifications, and innovative ideas in manufacturing that will give your products an essential market edge.

Our outstanding quality has earned us ISO 9001 certification for all of our products. In addition, we back up our quality assurance with a two-year guarantee on most of our products.R&D is one of the reasons why Lian Li is able to offer quality products to the market. Whether it is for OEM or ODM projects, our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers are capable of providing our customers with the best solutions in product design.

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