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How to set up DOSBox for playing LAN games E-mail
Written by Icrontic   
Monday, 07 April 2008

Last weekend, I was at a friend's house for a LAN party. After our usual Team Fortress 2 session and a quick break playing the board game "Attack!", we found ourselves... Well, bored. In our boredom, we began thinking of games we'd always wanted to play in a multiplayer setting but, for whatever reason, never had the chance. We settled on Dungeon Keeper, a personal favorite of all involved. For the Windows XP users it won't take much to get this game up and running on your system for some LAN party goodness. Vista owners will encounter some speed-bumps along the way, but we have a workaround for 32bit users. Unfortunately, 64bit Vista users will be out of luck. With that, lets take a look at what we'll need to get this up and running. Icrontic


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