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How to reduce global warming with your cell phone! E-mail
Written by Wireless Association Annual Conference   
Wednesday, 02 April 2008

How to reduce global warming with your cell phone!

Las Vegas, Nevada from the CTIA, the Wireless Association Annual Conference, April 2, 2008 - The Wireless Source issued a challenge today for individuals and organizations to attain a "carbon neutral" status by the end of 2008. Simultaneously they introduced a program supported by to lead the fight against global warming climate change, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to eliminate their climate impact by recycling used mobile phones.

Carbon gasses generated through the use and burning of fossil fuels cause green house gasses that contributes to global warming. These gasses erode the ozone layer, creating the greenhouse effect and warm Earth's lower atmosphere and surface.

What does cell phone recycling have to do with global warming? The math is simple: each individual generates approximately 12 metric tons of carbon (CO2) each year. For approximately five (5) cellular phones that are recycled through this program, we will offset one (1) carbon ton. This means for every sixty (60) cellular phones recycled, the partners will offset the equivalent of a single average American's carbon output for an entire year.

According to Bob Sullivan, CEO of The Wireless Source, "We are issuing this challenge to create an awareness on how easy it is to reduce your carbon footprint and when not possible, what steps can be taken to offset the carbon generated through our day to day activity. It is easier and less complicated than most people think."

Individuals, businesses, or almost any charity can join The Wireless Source's cell phone collection programs and receive carbon credits through a partnership with for their efforts by going to or or call 800-527-4700.

About The Wireless Source: The Wireless Source is a global leader in the reuse and recycling of mobile devices. The company supports recycling and asset recovery services to wireless service provider, businesses, retailers, charities and consumers in secure and environmentally sound manner. The Wireless Source is an ISO14001 registered company. Visit or our charitable contributions group at

About is one of the country's leading carbon reduction and offset organization, making it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions they are responsible for in their everyday lives by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects where they are most cost effective. works with over 300 corporate and non-profit partners including Discovery, Volkswagen, Dell, Orbitz, Environmental Defense, and Lancome.


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