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Using Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra with Media Center E-mail
Written by Missing Remote   
Thursday, 21 February 2008

Center? The process it two fold: 1. Have it launch from Media Center and 2. Make the MCE remote work properly with Blu-ray pop-up menus. The first part is very easy now thanks to Media Center community member 'Armyb77' (Mike), he has very nicely created an installer that registers PowerDVD with Media Center and creates a button to a launcher that opens PowerDVD in fullscreen mode and once PowerDVD quits it correctly returns to Media Center. There are both Vista and MCE 2005 versions available on his site here.

The second part gets harder, PowerDVD natively has some support for the MCE remote, however it doesn't really have extensive enough support. A huge annoyance is that oddly Cyberlink has chosen to have the Blu-ray in movie menu function (called "pop-up menu") set to use a totally different key combination then DVD or HD DVD, so we need to find a way to get Blu-ray menus to pop-up over the playing movie like we can with HD DVD. Pressing the DVD Menu button on the MCE remote works, but it behaves like a legacy DVD which stops the movie and returns you to the main menu, which isn't the point of having the advanced interactivity in Blu-ray and HD DVD. With HD DVDs the menus simply pop-up when you hit the correct arrow button, so for example Univeral titles have a menu that slides out from the left side of the screen, so pushing the right arrow button makes the menu slide out. Likewise, Warner and Paramount titles have a menu that slides up from the bottom, pressing the up arrow makes them slide up. Blu-ray menus don't work this way with PowerDVD for some reason. So we need to make a button on the MCE remote trigger the Blu-ray in movie menu. Missing Remote


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