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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I consider myself to be fairly energy conscious. After moving into a new home last year, I replaced all of the incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent equivalents. I'm not just talking about the ones that are convenient to change: the one outside, the one high above the staircase, and even the small vanity lights were replaced.

Knowing that my lighting needs were addressed as efficiently as possible, I moved on to things like the thermostat and improving the efficiency of the windows. My wife and I have always been very good about ensuring things are not left on while we are not using them. We frequently remind each other to turn off the lights as we move from one part of the house to another. I'll admit that it felt pretty good to have taken the time to make these energy improvements not only for the good of the environment, but to keep our bills down.

In order to conduct the testing necessary for a recent Icrontic power supply review, I picked up a relatively inexpensive AC power meter from a local hardware store. As soon as I got home with the meter, I was measuring everything from my computer to the toaster oven. I always had a rough idea of how much electricity certain devices used, but it was amazing to get actual measurements. Many high-drain devices like the 1500 watt toaster oven are used for only brief periods during the day. At least that 1500 watts was being put to good use-you don't turn on the oven unless you are going to use it and you certainly don't expect it to use any electricity sitting there idle, or do you? Icrontic


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