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Upgrading from Vista to Windows XP E-mail
Written by Icrontic   
Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Windows Vista was touted by Microsoft at release as the greatest Operating System in the history of mankind. Yet despite its hundreds of new features and allegedly superior security, adoption rates aren't nearly what Microsoft would hope for. In fact, customers seem to prefer XP to the point that some manufacturers have even been pressured into offering it on new systems again. This situation has even been parodied in a recent Mac commercial, in which a PR flack states that customers are "upgrading to a more familiar experience" by switching back to XP.

I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 531 desktop computer, which came with Vista as the only option. After trying to make use of the computer with my normal operating habits for a week, I decided to make the switch back to XP. In truth, it wasn't simply an upgrade to a "more familiar experience" it was an upgrade to a more usable machine that provided a better level of performance with the same hardware. Icrontic


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