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How to Install Windows 7 on Apple Mac Computers E-mail
Written by TestFreaks   
Monday, 01 February 2010

How to Install Windows 7 on Apple Mac Computers

So you picked up your shiny new copy of Microsoft's latest OS offering - Windows 7 and want to install it on your (cue dramatic music)........ Intel based Mac. Mac fans will view this as blasphemy and Windows lovers will probably ask; "why didn't you get a PC if you wanted to run Windows". Well there are numerous valid reasons for having Windows 7 installed on one's Mac and today we will guide you through the set up. My personal retort is because I can.

Naturally you don't want to get rid of OS X when installing Windows, so thankfully Apple created Boot Camp which allows safe installation of a Microsoft Operating System ranging from Windows XP to the newest Windows 7. This is made possible by the fact that underneath all the Mac and Apple branding the components are basically a standard Intel PC. TestFreaks



# homerizwan 2010-10-27 20:38
i want to install windows7 on MAC coputer
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