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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 19 December 2008
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Benchmark Reviews Editors Choice Awards 2008
CPU Coolers
Desktop Processors
Solid State Drives
Desktop Graphics Cards
Computer Cases
System Memory
Desktop Motherboards
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Editors Choice Awards 2008

Benchmark Reviews tests a lot of very good computer hardware, which is a result of our selection process for product reviews. Although it would be most ideal for a hardware review website to test each and every item sold on the retail market, it's just not feasible due to limited staff and purchasing budget. As a result, many of the products featured here are among the best consumers will find. In this article Benchmark Reviews Executive Editor Olin Coles delivers his nominations for the 2008 Editors Choice Awards.

Benchmark Reviews Editors Choice Awards 2008

Since our inceptions on March of 2007, Benchmark Reviews has published over 230 product reviews. If one of the many of the products we test in our review articles earn an award, it usually receives the Seal of Approval, Silver Tachometer, or our the Golden Tachometer Award. However, being very good is different from being the best. That's where the Editors Choice Award comes in.

This year Benchmark Reviews will select one Editors Choice Award for each category: CPU Coolers, Desktop Processors, Solid State Drives, Desktop Graphics Cards, Computer Cases, System Memory, and Desktop Motherboards. As a benefit to readers, we will also list the products receiving honorable mention and those who deserve shame.

As a special note, Benchmark Reviews does not receive compensation for, or benefit from, the awards given to products in this article. The purpose of this article is to give consumers an insight into which products receive our highest recommendation. Unfortunately, because of the economic downturn in 2008, many review websites have started to charge fees for the use of their awards, which in turn leads to a vested interest in giving awards for the benefit of payment. Benchmark Reviews does not associate with these schemes and discourages them entirely. This allows us to remain unbiased towards manufacturers, and give a fair evaluation of the product.


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