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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 04 May 2007
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Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52" LCD 1080P HDTV
Sharp AQUOS Features and Specifications
AQUOS LC-52D62U Specifications
Closer Look: AQUOS HDTV
Conclusion: Sharp LC-52D62U

Sharp LC-52D62U HDTV

Like we have reminded you before: D-Day is upon us and the broadcast transition is near. But none of this should be news because Benchmark Reviews gave you specific instructions on how to survive this digital transition and buy your first HDTV. We hope you paid close attention, because it won't be long before analog broadcasts are history. Now let's take a look at a hardware review for an HDTV that could turn this format transition into an event worthy of celebration.

This dramatic roller-coaster introduction is a probably better suited for daytime television than for a hardware product review, but the truth of the matter is that this is really a big event. You are probably saying "So now we know that the end of analog broadcast is near, but what does it have to do with an HDTV review?"

Well, I'm pleased you asked. Over the past two months, I personally researched the subject of HDTV to great lengths. At first it was for the simple purpose of improving my grasp of the technology so I could make an informed purchase, but it soon developed into a full fledged obsession to get the best product possible for my money. I found myself interjecting HDTV techno-quips at business lunches, if for nothing more than to take everyone else up from the level which I was recently a part of. But still, what does all this have to do with a HDTV review? Simply put, it's all relevant to the HDTV industry as a whole.

Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52" 1080P LCD HDTV

Just as it is with computers, it's the difference between buying obsolete from cutting edge. There are a few very basic items that should be considered a "given" in HDTV technology, and these are the basic rules I mentioned in our how-to guide. I learned these rules, and ultimately employed them to make my (overly) informed HDTV purchase of the Sharp AQUOS.

That guide was designed to teach you how to shop for the HDTV which best suites your needs. The Sharp AQUOS is currently one of the most popular native 1080p high-definition televisions available, and at well under $3000 it is among the most affordable. Both of these reasons are good enough to buy this HDTV, and so today we present a buyers review on the Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52" LCD 1080P HDTV.

About the company: Sharp Electronics Corporation

Sharp has been around for ages (founded 1912 as a pencil company), and is among the first companies to enter into the high-definition television business. Since they have grown to become a world leader in technology, I was not surprised that they did not respond to my e-mail inquiry for marketing information on their product. After all, they have dozens of branch locations across the globe, so giant world-famous Benchmark Reviews may not be a priority to them. So while Sharp is an easily recognizable name in technology circles, very little could be discovered about them from their website. Here is the closest thing to usable information from the Sharp "About Us" web page:

At Sharp Electronics Corporation, our challenge is to create a balance between work time and personal time, with products that can benefit people's lives at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Sharp consumer electronics can enhance your enjoyment, add to your comfort and open new perspectives. Sharp business products can boost your productivity and reduce costs. Sharp products are designed to help individuals, families, and corporate teams connect effortlessly, communicate clearly, and unleash creativity like never before. Sharp is dedicated to improving people's lives through the use of advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value, and design.

For as far as I could tell, Sharp is really interested in teaching you how compliant they are with handicapped accessibility. Most of their website's company profile information is dedicated to the here and now, and not tell much about their company. Thankfully, Wikipedia helped shed some light on this particular subject, if you want to actually learn something about Sharp. It's an interesting company story, but it's too bad that Sharp is reluctant to share it on their website. Back to the subject...



# RE: Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52" LCD 1080P HDTVjason 2011-01-19 14:02
Sharp makes a great TV. Working at DISH network I had the pleasure of sitting about 15 feet from a large sharp flat screen. So naturally with a picture that good I got one for my house, now I have a nice TV, and 200 DISH HD channels to maximize my HD experience.
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