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Lucid's Virtu MVP Mobile E-mail
Thursday, 01 November 2012

Lucid's Virtu MVP Mobile

If you read our news section, you might have seen us talk briefly about the latest from Origin. No, I'm not talking about the Steam substitute to which EA keeps tying its new games. I'm talking about Origin, the Florida-based boutique gaming PC vendor founded by ex-Alienware employees three years ago.

In August, Origin became the first company to offer Lucid's Virtu MVP virtualization technology on a mobile platform. All of its Eon-series laptops, from the diminutive 11.6" offerings to the 17.3" monsters, became available with Lucid MVP software as a free, no-strings-attached option.

The touted benefits are very much the same as for Virtu MVP on the desktop. Lucid's GPU virtualization mojo purportedly provides power-saving benefits by dynamically assigning tasks to the most ideal graphics hardware. The MVP software also includes Virtual Vsync, which is meant to eliminate screen tearing without compromising input responsiveness, and HyperFormance, which is supposed to boost responsiveness further. It all sounds rather enticing, especially on a notebook.

We were intrigued... The Tech Report

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