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Written by Olin Coles - Data by Futuresource Consulting   
Tuesday, 08 July 2008
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Consumer Home Piracy Research Findings July 2008
Who's Copying What
How Often It's Done
Consumer Home Copying

Consumer Home Piracy Research

It used to be that counterfeit CD and DVD media originated from overseas and found its way onto popular auction websites. But in a wake of widespread technology developments, anyone is capable of creating completely indistinguishable copies of their favorite audio CD or movie DVD. Most computers sold by large tier-one OEM's usually come equipped with the software to accomplish this, and an abundance of free alternatives already exist on the web for those who seek it.


But how far has the practice of making copies for personal use really come? Do most people purchase the original content, or is everyone stealing from the artists? Simple web poles give a glimpse, albeit anonymous and not controlled, so it falls onto those firms with the ability to seek out an honest answer. In this article, Benchmark Reviews offers a candid look into Consumer Home Piracy as we present the Research Findings for July 2008 as provided to us by Futuresource Consulting in partnership with Macrovision.


Following the recent Consumer Home Piracy market research survey carried out by Futuresource Consulting in the USA (sample size 3,613) and the UK (sample size (1,718), the following article assembles the results for your general interest and information. The study follows on from similar research carried out in 2007, so year on year comparisons can be made showing the changing consumer behaviors in home copying.


By presenting this information, I don't mean to imply that Benchmark Reviews is for or against an particular action or attitude surrounding this subject. It's a volatile subject, and there are more than enough examples available of the legal implications it has on consumers. This information is only given to you so that an understanding can be made about how our society operates.


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