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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 11 January 2012
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World of Tanks Optimized Competition Settings
World of Tanks Game Strategy

World of Tanks Optimized Competition Settings

Developer: LLC
Video Game: World of Tanks
Platform: Microsoft Windows PC
Price: Free to play / Premium account

World of Tanks (WoT) is a free-to-play MMO-action video game by that is loosely based on World War II-era tanks from the Soviet Union, Germany, USA, China, Britain, France, and Japan. Players can open either a free or premium account, and earn their way up a tiered ladder by competing against other online players in random battles. World of Tanks is developed for the Microsoft Windows PC platform, and is designed to be played using a wide range of computer hardware: from portable laptops with integrated graphics to high-performance desktop computers with discrete graphics. Benchmark Reviews recently published our World of Tanks 3D Vision Game Review for enthusiast gamers wanting life-like realism and effects, but for this article we concentrate on the best video settings for competitive play and share helpful game play tactics.

World of Tanks is a free game available to the public, world-wide. This means that your chance of winning is at the mercy of anonymous players who probably lack skill and understanding. World of Tanks gives players a comprehensive guide with every game installation, located at C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\World of Tanks Game Manual.pdf. Even better information is available at, with an excellent explanation of tank camouflage/detection located at, and a healthy supply of tank tactics located at I've seen top-tier tankers make tragic rookie mistakes covered at length in the WoT Wiki, proving that by reading it you'll have a better chance of surviving, earning more credits, and winning. Read the WoT manual and Wiki, along with the tips and tricks shared in this article, to gain an edge over other players.


Competitive Settings

When it comes to game and video quality settings, most gamers merely turn up the graphics options as high as they can until the frame rate drops. This is certainly a good way to achieve the best visual effects and graphics quality without sacrificing video frame rate performance, but it doesn't give you a competitive edge. The settings we'll discuss in this section are designed to offer competitive gamers an improved chance for landing shots and getting the win. Please keep in mind that not all computers are created equal, so some settings are dependent on the video card and system hardware you own.

To change game options, simply open World of Tanks and go to Menu → Settings. We begin our fine tuning with the 'Game' settings tab illustrated below:


Of the many 'Game' tab settings, those outlined within the red boxes will yield competitive benefits. It's up to gamers to decide the ideal transparency level and whether battle recording interest them, but it's suggested to disable 'Enable post-effect in Postmortem Mode' and 'Enable vehicle vibration in Sniper Mode'. By unchecking these boxes you'll keep a full-color view of the battlefield after your tank has been destroyed, but more importantly you'll avoid crosshair bouncing and shaking while in sniper mode.

By enabling all 'Vehicle Markers' options, you'll be able to view enemy equipment types and strength, as well as see where each destroyed remains on the map. Experienced players who press the Left ALT key during battle can quickly determine the strength of an enemy deployment by seeing where destroyed tanks and their vehicle tier remain on the battlefield. If you press Left ALT and see that the strongest enemy tanks were destroyed taking a hill, for example, you'll know there probably isn't very much strength remaining in that particular area.

Moving to the 'Graphics' settings tab, there will be several options that depend on the power of your video card and computer. While most Graphics Quality settings are fully-dependant on this hardware, some make a significant impact on viewing the enemy when exposed or seeing beyond trees and bushes. Please concentrate on the areas marked in the illustration below:


Shadows make an enormous impact on frame rate performance, and in many cases make it difficult to contrast an enemy from their surroundings. For the sake of graphics performance and seeing a defined enemy outline, it's suggested to turn all shadow effects off. Realistic water is a nice visual effect that adds to realism, but in the game it creates shimmering reflections that distract players while sapping away video game rates. Turn water effects to their lowest settings, or off entirely. Off all the effects that can make it difficult to see clearly in World of Tanks, trees and bushes are the most onerous. It's recommended to turn Foliage Quality to its lowest setting with Flora Density turned off to remove flowers and brush while restore valuable frames per second (FPS).

Draw Distance is a setting that displays the mapped world into the distance. This has no effect on enemy spotting or visibility, but rather it draws trees, hills, and surrounding terrain features along the background. Systems with limited video card memory as well as system memory may improve performance by turning this feature down, while others may find it convenient to know about terrain features in the distance. Object LOD (level of detail) is another setting that can steal away frames and slow down performance, but can also provide detailed outlines of enemy tank features that appear far off. Close targets aren't affected, but distant targets viewed in Sniper Mode may lose some detail unless set to High. Extra effects are available to add impressive realism, but come at the cost of graphics performance. In competitive battle you want the highest FPS possible (at least above 35 FPS at all times), so it's advised to turn off unnecessary settings.

Check-box items such as grass in Sniper Mode and dust effects from wheel tracks are really nice features to have if you're just playing the game for enjoyment and want some added realism, but these items all distract the player and reduce graphics frame rate performance. Track traces, on the other hand, uses very little graphics card memory and helps an experienced player determine where a camouflaged tank may be heading when it disappears.

In the next section, I offer a few useful game strategies for World of Tanks...



# Deputy CommanderPaul Freeman 2012-02-06 09:12
Well done! This has improved my gaming experience.
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# bomb bombstara liam 2012-02-19 05:22
we would ike to enter because we are verry good at this sort of game and we like the hole arm theme so i think that we will win all of the contest of tanks there r we r soooooooooo good at the game
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# RNR Clan Diplomatrandy ousley 2012-03-13 19:42
Outstanding work ! Really helps explain the graphics settings, a confusing issue for most of us. The tactical section was easy to follow thanks to the excellent pictorial.

RNR Clan Diplomat
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