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Realities of Hard Drive Fragmentation E-mail
Written by Overclockers   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Realities of Hard Drive Fragmentation

We have all heard that defragmenting a hard drive (HDD) can give you a boost in performance. Is this just a an old wive's tale or is it grounded in reality? Most of us, whether we are top-notch IT talent or just a regular Joe or somewhere in between know that taking care of a computer and doing some basic upkeep can keep it running at a decent clip. Defragmenting a HDD is one of those basics that we should all do and has been so since well, mechanical HDDs came into existence. However, is this just good housekeeping practice based on actual results, or is it just one of those myths about what to do with your computer to keep it running well? Overclockers


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