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Thursday, 13 January 2011 Steals Copyrighted Image from Benchmark Reviews for Sales Ad

Esnet Limited skips the formality of asking permission, and sends our watermarked image to subscribers

Some of our visitors might still remember back to when took content from Benchmark Reviews and claimed it as their own, removing our watermark from images in a story we had the exclusive on. That misunderstanding was centered around the ProlimaTech Super Mega heatsink, which two staff members later independently tested and proved was equal-to or less impressive than the original Megahalems model. Well, it seems as though the ProlimaTech curse hadn't worn off just yet, and today we learned of another website profiting from our photos.

The online merchant have taken the original image we produced and edited for the Megahalems article and posted into their weekly sales flyer... watermark still intact... without asking permission. Copyright laws are very specific when it comes to taking someone else's work and using it without permission for profit, so this could become a hot issue for the legal team at Esnet Limited. We'll keep you posted as the situation develops.

Update 14 January 2011: The stolen image has been replaced with one of a Thermalright heatsink. So in addition to their painful lack of understanding copyright laws, they also fail to recognize CPU cooler brands.

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