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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 12 November 2007

Koolance is probably best know for their involvement in liquid cooling products for the overclocker and hardware enthusiast. But when Benchmark Reviews stumbled upon their booth at SC07 before the show opened, we noticed a few things different about their strategy. As it turns out, the Enterprise market will benefit from liquid cooling far more than the rest of us.

SC07 SuperComputing Coverage

Now, before I go any further, it would only be fair to point out that I am "aware" of Koolance. I have sold their products to customers, and I have read reviews which included them. But I have never owned or reviewed a Koolance product myself. With that said, I might not be the Koolance fan-club leader that some reader are, and therefore may be missing some historic details surrounding the company. For example, I never knew they made anything for the server environment.

SC07 SuperComputing Coverage - Koolance

So when I found rack-mount products being displayed under the Koolance banner, you might imagine my initial surprise. Using ninja-like photography skills, I managed to get some spy shots.

SC07 SuperComputing Coverage - Koolance

When I examined a little closer, I could see the usual suspects. Present in this 2U server were a number of familiar products: from the various coolers, to the pumps and reservoirs, this appeared to be another Koolance classic packaged into an Enterprise suit.

And then it hit me. Koolance doesn't make a liquid-cooled power supply, do they? I know there was some mention about an upcoming 1200W unit (PSU-1200ATX-12S) in 2008, but this was a fully redundant liquid-cooled power supply unit trickling non-conductive (and expensive) coolant right before my very eyes. I wonder when we will see that go into production?

SC07 SuperComputing Coverage - Koolance

According to Koolance media reps, there is a very high demand for liquid cooling in the Enterprise market. Take into consideration the tremendous heat most servers generate, and then consider how much it costs to build the air-conditioning systems dedicated to cooling them. On top of that, the energy consumed to power these larger corporate HVAC systems in server rooms begins to have a large financial impact on the total cost of ownership. As it turns out, not only is Koolance offering a green cooling alternative for corporate entities, but the initial expense and lifetime maintenance costs make this a win-win proposition.


At the end our my nice chat with the Koolance team, I had learned some very enlightening things about their strategy. I think that they might have learned something, too; don't trust an earlybird with a press pass and camera not to take a picture.

About the company: Koolance

Koolance is the recognized leader in complete PC liquid cooling solutions. Providing the most professional products available, we cater to those who desire advanced, silent cooling technology without the hassle of consumer kits.


With research beginning in 1995 and incorporation in 2000, Koolance has become well-known for innovation. From smaller components, such as our patented cooling blocks, to the world's first professional PC external system, the Exos, Koolance has continued its role as a pioneer in cooling equipment and design.

Exceptional performance, reliability, and significant noise reduction are what make Koolance the thermal management choice for customers worldwide.

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