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Gamers Leading, Influencing Online Sales, says Interpret E-mail
Saturday, 06 November 2010

Gamers Leading, Influencing Online Sales, says Interpret

A new study from Interpret, gCommerce: The 'Gamification' of eCommerce, says that gamers are leading the way in e-commerce. Gamers, by the broadest definition, are likely to influence shopping online by leading discussions and opinions.

The data showed that gamers are 20% more likely to be an online-shopper than non-gamers. Even more interesting, gamers are more likely to influence their friends on purchases, 50% more likely in fact.

"Given the growth and popularity of an ever-widening range of gaming experiences, there is an opportunity for transaction-based businesses to tap the gamer ethos by gamifying shopping experiences," said Interpret CEO Michael Dowling.

"Game mechanics are powerful motivators to get humans to take action," added Jim Banister, CEO of SpectrumDNA and co-author of the report. "The dynamics that have indisputably proven to increase transactions within game environments can and should be used to spur increased transactions, revenue and loyalty in online and offline shopping environments. Next-generation social loyalty programs will be gamified." ... industrygamers


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