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18W AMD Fusion APU vs Intel Core i5 at IDF E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

18W AMD Fusion APU vs Intel Core i5 at IDF

As usual, AMD was camped out in a hotel room not far from the IDF venue today, where it was showing off its own upcoming chip based on a new CPU architecture with integrated graphics. In this case, the chip in question was the "APU" code-named Zacate, based on dual Bobcat CPU cores and Evergreen-class DirectX 11 graphics. With an 18W max power rating, Zacate is the faster of the two Bobcat-based APUs. AMD put its Zacate test platform into a direct-comparison demo against a Core i5-based laptop.

The head-to head comparo was graphics-focused. One part involved a recent City of Heroes expansion, with the game running first on the Core i5's integrated graphics and then on Zacate's. Frame rates were 6-7 FPS on the Core i5 system's HD Graphics integrated graphics processor, while they rose into the high 30s on Zacate-with apparently higher image quality on the Zacate system, too... TechReport


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