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Antec TP3-650 Rev. A2 TruePower Trio 650W PSU E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 27 September 2006
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Antec TP3-650 Rev. A2 TruePower Trio 650W PSU
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: TP3-650
New Features: Revision A2
Testing Voltage Regulation

New Features: TP3-650 Revision A2

Antec silently revised their already-promising TruePower Trio series with a few key features missing from the original release. Some people might think that this is a wasted effort, coming years after the initial release, but I would disagree. In my original review, I disliked the lack of cable sleeves on all but the main cable group, and the raw steel finish was an eyesore.

Antec TP3-650 Revision A2

Antec replaced the old product sticker with the new version above. Personally, I wondered why Antec would ever use a gunship gray sticker (below) on an already unfinished case, but it doesn't really matter anymore since they have done well with this new image (above).

The TruePower Trio series has always accommodated the latest connection interfaces; which means that even though higher wattage power supply units are flooding the market you can still use the TruePower Trio series with the newer motherboards.

Antec TP3-650 Revision A2

Even the new cable groups are improved. The gold plated connections remain, but new nylon weave sleeves have been added.

Antec TP3-650 Revision A2

Not everything about the new A2 revision is great. On the review unit, which was purchased from, one of the SATA connector backings was missing. This causes a serious risk for electrical shock and short circuit. I search the package, but to no avail; apparently Antec QC dropped the ball on this particular unit.


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