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Written by Tom Jaskulka   
Monday, 11 March 2013
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Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: Func MS-3
Func MS-3 Detailed Features
Func MS-3 Settings Software
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Func MS-3 Settings Software

The MS-3 works just fine without software, although of course you are then limited to the default settings. Installing the MS-3 Settings Software is done from a simple installer, after which you can then begin to customize various aspects of the mouse.


The Settings Software follows the same as the packaging, with clean white lines and orange accents. Functionality is the focus here, and changing settings is simple and straightforward. The default settings are actually well thought out and quite usable - most mice I have to turn down the absurd DPI levels for the cursor to be controllable.


The polling rate is set to 500 Hz by default, but you can choose between 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz. Using the Mouse Rate Checker and Direct Input Mouse Rate tools, I verified the polling rate does report as it should at the full 1000 Hz. Remember, the polling rate determines how often the mouse sends location information to the computer, so don't worry about the Current and Average values. They just identify that the mouse was not moving when the screenshot was taken, therefore location information did not need to be updated. You can see through the average and peak rates the mouse does communicate location information at 1000 Hz when the location information changes fast enough to warrant it.


Every button is programmable. The manual will tell you as a safety precaution the software will not let you apply settings if there isn't at least one button assigned to "Left click" (for obvious reasons), but everything is fair game here.


Finally, my favorite part: glowy things! In all seriousness, this is the first multi-color LED device I've seen that actually gives you the entire range of colors from which to select. Most others will say they support up to 16 million colors, but only give you eight to choose from (along with differing levels of brightness for those eight colors). Playing with the color slider for the MS-3, I began to understand the two different approaches - it is hard to match the colors for the two different zones when you are sorting through 16 million colors! Of course, this only affects those that are bothered by the little details. It would be nice to have an option to "copy" colors. Other than that, this function works perfectly fine, and is implemented well.


The Button Assignment page allows macros to be set to any button one would like. Those macros are created here, in the Macro Editor. Simply press record, and type away. Once saved, the macro can then be selected for use as a button function. While it works, I found myself wishing for a little more power here: more specifically, the ability to edit macros. If you mis-type a key as part of a sequence, you cannot delete just that portion from the macro, you must start over. Also, mouse buttons or actions cannot be included - keyboard sequences only. To be honest, I rarely use macros (but I'd love to hear comments on good uses for them!) so something like this isn't a deal breaker for me. However, I'd like to see at least the ability to set time intervals, include mouse actions and edit portions of the macro in a software update to bring the macro function in line with other gaming devices.



# RE: Func MS-3 Gaming Mousetarsus7 2013-04-29 09:33
Not a complete review IMHO. Does the mouse record macros and how many buttons does it have? These are important issues for gamers.
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# RE: RE: Func MS-3 Gaming MouseTom Jaskulka 2013-04-29 10:20
Of course the review isn't very complete if you refuse to read the whole thing ;) There are ten programmable buttons (as stated in the conclusion), and there is a picture of them labeled as well in the Func Settings Software section. However, I did fail to mention the macro editor will accept up to 20 actions/10 commands in one macro (60 macros total). I usually stray away from simply repeating specifications that are easily found on the manufacturer's site and try to provide more of a "feel" of the "experience" of using a product (things that are harder to Google, if you will). I normally trust in fellow gamer's abilities to find out the information that is important to them :) I'm more interested in relaying the "hard to find" information if applicable.
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# Nice143BPM 2013-04-30 07:28
Excellent review, well done. I've been unable to find a suitable replacement for my G5, which is just a bit small for palming for me. I'm assuming this is going to do the trick.....ordering this bad boy today.
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