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Written by Tom Jaskulka   
Monday, 11 March 2013
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Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse
Closer Look: Func MS-3
Func MS-3 Detailed Features
Func MS-3 Settings Software
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Func MS-3

After reviewing a few gaming-grade mice, one begins to anticipate certain details. The packaging will of course be eye-catching to stand out from the crowd, with marketing buzzwords prominently displayed with ever-bigger numbers and features to proclaim the device's superiority. While there is nothing wrong with wrapping up a high-grade device in packaging to match, Func takes a slightly different (and wonderfully refreshing) approach...


Honestly, I wasn't expecting this. The white and orange boxes certainly stand out, if only for their simplicity and focus - the only information you get on the front is the product name. This aligns perfectly with Func's slogan, "Functionality. Perfected." The focus on functionality is reflected in their packaging - a pretty efficient marketing approach.


In any case, the packaging is more than adequate. A short history and some product information are displayed in many languages under the front flap, while the MS-3 itself sits in a form-fitting clear plastic shell. It is a nice gesture, allowing you to "try before you buy," in a sense - complete with a cutout for your wrist.

Other than the MS-3, the box contains the product manual and a CD for the settings software (also available for download). Again, simple and functional - everything you need, and nothing more. The product manual itself bears mentioning - I was impressed with the straightforward approach and simple, easy to understand explanations. This is the first manual I've seen that bothered to explain terms such as Angle Snapping and Pointer Acceleration, along with recommendations for achieving better accuracy. While veteran gamers may already know and understand these terms, it is important to have access to this information when upgrading to a feature-rich model like the MS-3. Understanding how the OS translates the mouse movement through the different sensitivity settings can help you make the most of a device with a high-end accurate laser sensor. A nice touch, and it certainly relays the message that this isn't just another peripheral manufacturer.


The packaging for the Surface 1030 XL follows the same design. Overall, a great presentation of some high-end peripherals.


Of course, what we're really here for is the MS-3 itself. Covered in a soft-touch, grippy finish and an array of buttons, this mouse promises to be packed full of features and comfort. Let's take a closer look.



# RE: Func MS-3 Gaming Mousetarsus7 2013-04-29 09:33
Not a complete review IMHO. Does the mouse record macros and how many buttons does it have? These are important issues for gamers.
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# RE: RE: Func MS-3 Gaming MouseTom Jaskulka 2013-04-29 10:20
Of course the review isn't very complete if you refuse to read the whole thing ;) There are ten programmable buttons (as stated in the conclusion), and there is a picture of them labeled as well in the Func Settings Software section. However, I did fail to mention the macro editor will accept up to 20 actions/10 commands in one macro (60 macros total). I usually stray away from simply repeating specifications that are easily found on the manufacturer's site and try to provide more of a "feel" of the "experience" of using a product (things that are harder to Google, if you will). I normally trust in fellow gamer's abilities to find out the information that is important to them :) I'm more interested in relaying the "hard to find" information if applicable.
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# Nice143BPM 2013-04-30 07:28
Excellent review, well done. I've been unable to find a suitable replacement for my G5, which is just a bit small for palming for me. I'm assuming this is going to do the trick.....ordering this bad boy today.
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