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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 18 December 2007
Table of Contents: Page Index
Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M630 Type M PSU's
Type M Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Exterior Design
Closer Look: Cables and Wiring
Testing Voltage Ripple and Regulation
HPU-4M630 Test Results
HPU-4M880 Test Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Exterior Design

The very first thing to catch your eye with the Type M series is not the product; it's the box the product comes in. Unlike other power supply manufacturers who have claimed a strong dedication to being "Green" and saving the planet, Hiper actually walks the walk and delivers what they promise. Efficiency is king with the new Type M line of power supplies, but not without the consideration of reusing material for their product packaging. Hiper has been shipping their product in recycled cardboard packaging for quite some time now; so just like Starbucks they can be an example for the rest of the industry.

The lack of a glossy finish on the retail package doesn't mean the contents inside will have any similarity, however. From the moment I first opened the box containing the Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M680 Type M PSU's, I knew my photographs would not do the product justice. The chassis on the Type M series is a constructed of a mesh design that is painted semi-gloss black.

Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M630 Type M Power Supply Unit Review

Hiper has cleverly designed the finish of the HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M680 Type M PSU's to be both attractive and appealing, while at the same time being functionally effective and finger-print friendly. The patterned finish does an excellent job of making prints, smears, and smudges disappear; while at the same time offers a great looking alternative to a simple black paint job on a square steel chassis.

Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M680 Type M PSU's

At the front of the Hiper Type M series there are large grommets protecting the large array of cables and wires. Hiper uses a very unique approach the the Type M series and separates the cable groups by utilizing a large grommet "plate".

From these image you can see that the Type M series has far more cooling vents than other power supply units. Even with an efficient 630W or 880W unit there is still room for improvement to the component cooling design.

Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M680 Type M PSU's

At the rear of the Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M680 Type M PSU's you see just how effective a simple design can be. A single 135mm sleeve bearing fan draws air down onto the electronic components, and the intentional design patterns force the circulation to carry the heater air out through the rear vents.

Rounding out the back end is an standard-size master power switch. Active power factor correction replaces the antiquated 110/220 switch, and also adds a higher level of power efficiency to the product.

Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M680 Type M PSU's

All sides of the chassis (except the bottom) have mesh vents which help keep components cool despite the fans power. I image that this is a glimpse of the future, because one day we will see power supplies so efficient that they require no active cooling. One day I predict personal computer power supplies will resemble the modular power adapters (power bricks) that we use for notebook computers. A consumer will merely take their cube shaped component and plug it into a PSU receptacle. If this idea ever comes true, make sure to quote Benchmark Reviews.



# RE: Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M630 Type M PSU'sLaszlo 2010-12-22 00:11
"these two programs have proven to create more power draw than anything else available"

That's maybe the truth, but OCCT in GPU Linpack mode worth a try! My PSU had no problem with OCd CPU & GPU running (MSI) Kombustor + OCCT CPU Linpack or Prime, but when I ran _only_ the GPU Linpack with OCCT then my PSU was shutted down right after the 1 min monitoring (2/2 times).

( Merry X-Mas Colin! )
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