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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
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Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse
Features and Specifications
G9 Closer Look
G9 Detailed Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

G9 Detailed Features

I can't name too many mouse pointing devices with nearly the number of features listed in the G9 up to this point. But it blew my mind to learn that the Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse (Part# 910-000173) is a plug-and-play mouse with integrated onboard memory? With onboard memory and an enhanced SetPoint configuration panel, the G9 mouse allows you to configure your mouse to your liking – and then store those settings for when you take your game on the road. For true plug-and-play performance, you can save up to five profiles in the onboard memory system. Then, no matter whose PC you’re on, your mouse will work the way you want it to. This is especially handy at commercial LAN-party environments, where you may not always have the same computer.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

The Logitech G9's weight-tuning system allows you to add up to 28 g of precision weights to fine-tune the G9 for your unique style of play. The G9 offers a weight-tuning system that accommodates your needs as a gamer. Adding or subtracting just a few grams can change the gaming experience substantially. With weight tuning, you get the feel best suited to your individual style of play. (Logitech developed the first-ever weight tuning system for mice for the G5 Laser Mouse, released in August 2005.)

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

Some gamers like a mouse with more heft; something that feels substantial and is easy to control. Others prefer a lightweight mouse, especially gamers who skate and lift their mouse often. A lighter mouse can offer more speed and lessen fatigue for these gamers. The G9 Laser Mouse delivers a complete weight tuning system, including a weight tin containing eight mix-and-match metal weights of 4 g and 7 g. You can add up to 28 g of additional weight. Just pop the grip off to reveal the spring-loaded inset weight cartridge. To release the cartridge, just push it in and it pops out. Insert the weights you want and push the cartridge back in.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173 The G9 has the capability to store up to five mouse profile settings in the onboard memory. However, when you use the SetPoint software, you can save additional profiles on your local computers hard drive and swap them in and out of the mouse on demand. You can configure and store the following settings:

  • Button assignments
  • Keyboard macros assignable to mouse buttons DPI settings (DPI levels, number of dpi levels)
  • LED colors (choose from broad color spectrum)
  • Report rate (125-1000 reports/second)

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

Out of the box, the G9 includes three pre-configured profiles: General, Gaming and Productivity, which are already loaded into the mouse's onboard memory. The following chart differentiates key setting among the three factory default profiles.

Profile 1

Profile 2

Profile 3

Profile Name




LED Color




DPI Settings

4 dpi levels

(400, 800, 1600, 3200)

3 dpi levels

(200, 800, 2000)

3 dpi levels

(400, 800, 1600)

Report Rate

500 reports/sec

1000 reports/sec

500 reports/sec

The productivity setting is a good choice for non-gaming applications, such as word processing or spreadsheet. The gaming profile reports its position 1,000 every second, essential for high-precision operations. Use SetPoint to create and edit profiles, and then download them to the mouse. If you use your mouse on another PC or remove SetPoint, you can choose to have that PC recognize your stored custom profiles or reinitialize the mouse to its factory defaults. It should be noted that there are a few special settings work only while SetPoint is running, such as speed/acceleration and scroll wheel settings. If you move your mouse to another PC not running SetPoint, the new PC will run the profiles stored on your onboard memory.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

Logitech has equipped the G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse with super-slick Polytetrafluoroethylene gaming feet. Large PTFE feet assure extra-smooth mouse movement, which is critical for heavy-handed users like me. The feet are user-replaceable, which is nice since you don't want a high-end item like this to become disposable. The G9 provides large, precision-molded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin feet to minimize friction and provide smooth gliding over virtually any surface. For easy replacement, a small groove adjacent to each foot allows gamers to pop it out with a small screwdriver. Replacement feet will be available for purchase directly from the Logitech website.

Additionally, the durable, low-friction braided cord on the G9 is made especially for full-speed USB capabilities. The braided outside covering enhances durability and simultaneously helps to reduce the possibility of cord snags – a real problem with traditional, rubberized cord coverings. It's worth noting that I did notice the braided cord likes to pick up dust that may be on the desk/table surface, so it may need an occasional wipe-down to look sharp.


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