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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
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Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse
Features and Specifications
G9 Closer Look
G9 Detailed Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

G9 Closer Look

Gamers usally demand ultra-high performance out of their PCs, their game software, and their input devices. For that very simple reason, Logitech created the G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse. Every aspect of the Logitech G9 Laser Mouse has been designed with gamers in mind. During Logitech's development process, gamers tested prototypes and provided valuable feedback.

One of the first innovations to the mouse design was interchangeable grips. The G9 Laser Mouse includes interchangeable grips that let you adjust the comfort and design.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

  • Use the Wide Load grip (with the red Logitech logo) for a fuller shape and wider thumb rest. The Wide Load Grip features a soft, satin finish for the ultimate in comfort.
  • Choose the Precision grip (with the silver Logitech logo) if you prefer a compact shape, optimal for smaller hands and fine fingertip control.

I really like the precision grip, which is coated with Logitech's DryGrip technology to wick away sweat during long, intense gaming sessions. To remove the grips, press the release button on the rear of the mouse. Swap between the included Wide Load and Precision grips. Logitech is developing an additional grip comfortable to larger hands, while still optimizing precision. Look for this and other additional grips to be available in 2008 at

At the very heart of the G9 is the ultra-sensitive laser sensor. A mouse is like a camera. As you move the mouse, the sensor takes successive snapshots of the surface medium and compares the differences among the snapshots to calculate movement and distance. The laser engine of the G9 mouse illuminates the surface medium and enables the "camera" to take its snapshots.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

The Logitech G9 Laser Mouse is the only mouse currently on the market with a 200 to 3200 dpi range. This provides hardcore gamers with greater pointer precision, accuracy, speed and smoothness.

All of that sensitivity takes serious bandwidth, and the best way to get it from the mouse to the computer with nearly no measurable delay is with full-speed USB 2.0. Full-speed USB allows the mouse to have a higher report rate, the number of times per second the mouse sends information to the operating system. More reports per second means smoother, less-jerky cursor movement. Most mice generate125 reports per second. The G9 mouse can report up to 1000 times per second. With Logitech's SetPointsoftware, the report rate(polling speed) is also adjustable. (Keep in mind that as the report rateincreases, more PC resources are used.) Logitech recommends 500 reports per second to conserve system resources, but gamers can set the rate higher using SetPoint.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

The Logitech G9 Laser USB Gaming Mouse boasts a 3200 dpi maximum resolution (Dots per Inch). The higher the number of dots per inch (dpi), the more pixels the pointer on your screen moves for every inch you move your mouse. If you move your mouse one inch with a 1000 dpi sensor, the pointer moves 1000 pixels on the screen. If you move the same one inch with a 2000 dpi sensor, the screen cursor moves 2000 pixels (or twice the distance) moving the pointer across the screen faster.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

Why Does DPI Matter? The higher the dpi, the faster the cursor moves across the screen. A low dpi setting means players need to move their hand farther to get a movement on the screen. With a high dpi setting, players need only move their hand a small distance to get a big screen movement. Also, as screens get larger, a higher dpi is necessary to navigate across the larger screen expanse.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

Most gamers usually stick to one end of the dpi spectrum, but some games benefit from switching during play. In Battlefield2, a high-dpi setting helps when driving a tank, while a low-dpi setting may be preferable when making a sniper shot (for a slow, precise aim). A low-dpi setting is often preferred in Counter-Strike, where gamers desire a measured, precision pace.

Though some gamers believe 1600 dpi is high enough, others say the sky's the limit. While gamers may never need the extremes of the Logitech G9 mouse's available 3200 dpi or 200 dpi settings, these options (and all the other options in between in increments of 200 dpi) are always there whenever the gamer needs them.

Logitech G9 3200 dpi Laser USB Gaming Mouse 910-000173

The MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel technology offers dual modes for different types of navigation.

  • Ratchet mode provides distinct click-to-click, ratcheted scrolling, perfect for precise weapon selection.
  • Hyper-fast mode delivers frictionless scrolling, perfect for smooth zooming in games or flying through hundreds of pages in productivity applications within seconds.
  • To switch between modes, simply push the MicroGear toggle button on the bottom of your mouse.
  • The scroll wheel also has a programmable middle button and programmable tilt.


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