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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Monday, 08 April 2013
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Thermaltake Knucker Plunger Gaming Keyboard
Closer Look: Tt eSPORTS Knucker
Tt eSPORTS Knucker Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Tt eSPORTS Knucker Gaming Keyboard Final Thoughts

Thermaltake have introduced two novelties with the Knucker Keyboard; Repeat rate adjustment and Plunger switch technology. While I found no use for adjusting the key repeat rate, it doesn't really make it useless - I simply don't play any games that will benefit from altering the key repeat rate. The plunger switches are a step in the right direction for lowering the cost of responsive tactile feedback keyboards, no longer will we need to break the bank in order to fulfill that requirement. My main gripe is the sound of the keys, they just don't sound like mechanical keys and it somewhat lowers the overall usage experience. I won't complain too much though as you will not be able to pick up a brand new mechanical gaming keyboard at this price point. The Knucker really does bridge the gap and I expect we will see the plunger switches being used in more stylish and feature rich products from the Tt eSPORTS division in the future.


Tt eSPORTS Knucker Conclusion

In this section I am going to write a brief five point summary on the following categories; Performance, Appearance, Construction, Functionality and Value. These views are my own and help me to give the Tt eSPORTS Knucker plunger Gaming Keyboard a rating out of 10. A high or low score does not necessarily mean that it is better or worse than a similar gaming keyboard that has been reviewed by another writer here at Benchmark Reviews, which may have got a higher or lower score. It is however a good indicator of whether the Knucker keyboard is good or not. I would strongly urge you to read the entire review, if you have not already, so that you can make an educated decision for yourself.

I was skeptical of any performance advantage that might be gained from using a mechanical keyboard before I had used one, but they have made a massive comeback in recent years. Once you have had the pleasure of using one you will not want to go back to your regular keyboard, so when I heard about the Knucker and its Plunger switches bridging the gap between the two types I just had to give it a try. With regards to gaming though, I cannot really say if I have noticed any real benefit other than longevity promised due to the semi mechanical nature of the key switches. I have got through many regular keyboards that have simply broken due to their cheap nature. Since I only play FPS style games I won't notice the anti-ghosting or increased actions per minute afforded by the Knucker, but I really appreciate the tactile and feedback while typing.

The appearance of the Tt eSPORTS MEKA G1 is going to get mixed ratings, and due to the graphical nature of this review you can easily make up your own mind. The Knucker has very minimalistic looks and the color scheme seems to work quite well.

The Knucker is very well constructed but feels very lightweight. There aren't too many occasions where your keyboard would get an absolute pounding but it would be nice to know that your keyboard would be able to stand up to it should such an event occur. If I were to release some rage onto the Knucker keyboard I think it would be able to take it. After all, in the heat of the moment it wouldn't be too unusual for a gamer to release some frustration into their keyboard.

The Tt eSPORTS Knucker keyboard supports up to 12-key anti-ghosting in USB mode and 16 anti-ghosting in PS/2 mode. For gamers that need to adjust key repeat rate on the fly the Knucker is the only keyboard that supports this feature to my knowledge. The plunger switches will give you a better experience in comparison to a regular rubber dome keyboard and come very close to real mechanical switch with regards to tactile feedback.

Considering the features and benefits of the Tt eSPORTS Knucker gaming keyboard, I think the $39.99 (Amazon / NewEgg) price is hard to argue with. Sure it won't last as long as a fully mechanical keyboard, but they charge a much higher premium.

The Knucker gaming keyboard isn't going to appeal to everyone, but if you are just starting out or can't afford a mechanical keyboard then the Knucker would be a great choice that you won't regret.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval

+ Tactile feedback
+ Semi-mechanical switches
+ Simplistic design
+ 12-key anti ghosting (USB)
+ 16-key anti ghosting (PS/2)
+ Vibrant key color
+ On-the-Fly repeat rate adjustment
+ Lightweight but sturdy construction
+ Great price point


- Lock LED's are too bright
- Key-press noise
- Minimal gaming features
- Palm rest too small for me


  • Performance: 9.00
  • Appearance: 8.25
  • Construction: 8.50
  • Functionality: 8.00
  • Value: 9.00

Final Score: 8.55 out of 10.

Recommended: Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval.

COMMENT QUESTION: What do you demand most from a gaming keyboard?

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# RE: Thermaltake Knucker Plunger Gaming KeyboardLeonard 2013-05-13 11:42
I want my keys to be bright and easily seen in dimly lit to semi dark room. But the most important is that the markings last. Next would be that the keys last.
Most of my keyboards have went to the grandkids (3 and under) or the trash due to the lettering that has left the building.
My newest fix has been to put put clear nail polish, but I still only get a few extra months before it wears out anyways.
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# RE: RE: Thermaltake Knucker Plunger Gaming KeyboardDavid Ramsey 2013-05-13 12:51
Ideally, you'd want keyboards with double-shot keys, where the legend is molded all the way through the key in a different color plastic. Sadly I don't know any keyboards made with double shot keys any more; although various methods like dye sublimation (such as used on old IBM Model M keyboards) can last quite a while.
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