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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 26 March 2013
Table of Contents: Page Index
First Look: GTX 650 Ti BOOST
Video Card Testing Methodology
DX10: Crysis Warhead
DX11: 3DMark11
DX11: Aliens vs Predator
DX11: Batman Arkham City
DX11: Battlefield 3
DX11: Lost Planet 2
DX11: Metro 2033
DX11: Unigine Heaven 3.0
Temperature and Power Consumption
GeForce GTX 650 Ti Conclusion

GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST Conclusion

IMPORTANT: Although the rating and final score mentioned in this conclusion are made to be as objective as possible, please be advised that every author perceives these factors differently at various points in time. While we each do our best to ensure that all aspects of the product are considered, there are often times unforeseen market conditions and manufacturer changes which occur after publication that could render our rating obsolete. Please do not base any purchase solely on our conclusion as it represents our product rating specifically for the product tested, which may differ from future versions of the same product. Benchmark Reviews begins our conclusion with a short summary for each of the areas that we rate.

First and foremost is our performance rating. While the prices might not reflect it, GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST is posed to replace the aging GeForce GTX 570 since they performed so similarly. The AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition was easily outperformed in every single benchmark test, so the closest opposing product fell to the AMD Radeon HD 6970. The Radeon HD 7850 could possibly match up well, as well.

In the DirectX 10 game Crysis Warhead, the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST easily surpassed the AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition, and matched the Radeon HD 6970 overall. DirectX 11 test results continued to keep the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST consistently ahead of its competition in almost all tests. Ultra-demanding DX11 games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum made use of Kepler's optimized architecture, helping to deliver a very playable 59-FPS. Battlefield 3 gave the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST a 5-FPS lead over the Radeon HD 6970, and enabled Ultra quality settings. Lost Planet 2 played well on all graphics cards when set to high quality with 4x AA, allowing GTX 650 Ti BOOST to maintain a 48-FPS frame rate. In Aliens vs Predator the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST actually began to reach GTX 660 performance levels. Metro 2033 is another demanding game that requires high-end graphics to enjoy high quality visual settings, and although this benchmark favors Radeon products the GTX 650 Ti BOOST still kept up a 30-FPS frame rate at 1920x1080.

Synthetic benchmark tools offer an unbiased read on graphics products, allowing manufacturers to display their performance without optimizations or driver influence. Futuremark's 3DMark11 benchmark suite strained our high-end graphics cards with only mid-level settings displayed at 720p, forcing GTX 650 Ti BOOST to produce FPS results higher than AMD's Radeon HD 6970. Unigine Heaven 3.0 benchmark tests used maximum settings that strained GTX 650 Ti BOOST's 192-bit memory bandwidth, yet still compare to the 6970.


Appearance is a much more subjective matter, especially since this particular rating doesn't have any quantitative benchmark scores to fall back on. NVIDIA's GeForce GTX series has traditionally used a recognizable design over the past two years, and with the exception to more angular corners, the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST appears looks very similar to the GTX 570 and 670 models. Because GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST operates so efficiently, and allows nearly all of the heated air to exhaust outside of the computer case, the reference design does an excellent job for function. While fashionable looks might mean a lot to some consumers, keep in mind that this product outperforms the competition while generating much less heat and producing very little noise.

Construction is the one area NVIDIA graphics cards continually shine, and thanks in part to extremely quiet operation paired with more efficient cores that consume less energy and emit less heat, it seems that the 650 Ti BOOST continues this tradition. Requiring a single 6-pin PCI-E power connection helps ensure this video card remains compatible with mainstream power supply units, while tweaking heatsink and fan placement to optimize cooling performance proves there are still ways to improve on a commonplace technology. GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST has one of the shortest PCBs we've seen from a GTX-series model, which further reduces heat output and makes this a product suitable for more robust HTPC applications. Even better yet, now consumers have a single-GPU solution capable of driving three monitors in 3D Vision Surround with the inclusion of two DL-DVI ports with supplementary HDMI and DisplayPort output.

As of launch day, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST video card sells for $169.99 (Amazon | Newegg). Please keep in mind that hardware manufacturers and retailers are constantly adjusting prices, so expect it to change a few times between now and one month later. There's still plenty of value beyond basic frame rate performance, and the added NVIDIA Kepler features run it off the charts. Only NVIDIA video cards offer automated GPU Boost technology, 3D Vision, Adaptive VSync, PhysX technology, FXAA, and now TXAA.

In summary, the NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti BOOST video card targets mainstream gamers with a solid performing graphics solution that offers 2GB GDDR5 memory along with very fast clock speeds combined with GPU Boost technology. Ideally, this could become the go-to graphics card for under $170, giving enthusiasts enough overclock headroom to push it into GTX 660 territory while retaining the efficient temperatures and power consumption of the GTX 650 series. Since SLI is supported, adding a second video card to form a set once prices settle could effectively double performance for under $300. For mainstream gamers wanting to upgrade their aging hot-running power-hungry graphics card, the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST is a value-packed option worth the money. Additionally, a 1GB GDDR5 version will debut next month for around $149. Benchmark Reviews recommends the GTX 650 Ti BOOST graphics card, and predict the series will earn popularity among gamers.


+ Outperforms the AMD Radeon HD 6970 and GeForce GTX 570
+ Kepler GPU enables 3D Vision and PhysX functionality
+ Excellent performance with DX11 video games
+ Supports NVIDIA GPU Boost technology, Adaptive VSync, and TXAA
+ Short profile fits into standard size computer cases
+ Triple-display and 3D Vision Surround support
+ Cooling fan operates at very quiet acoustic levels
+ Features DisplayPort connectivity for future monitor technology
+ Very low power consumption and heat output
+ Upgradable into dual-card SLI set


- No notable cons.

COMMENT QUESTION: Will the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST graphics card series become as popular as we predict?

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# Compare Coming soon...?WhyNot 2013-03-26 05:38
Will this testing information be used if a future review of the AMD Radeon HD 7790 is given? I realize that the 7790 is half the GGDR5 of the GTX 650 Ti, but given they share a similar price point it would be interesting to see if the extra 1GB GGDR5 (as well as any other differences in power consumption, temp, etc.) is worth the extra $20-30. Thanks.
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# RE: Compare Coming soon...?Olin Coles 2013-03-26 07:33
Each writer has their own set of graphics cards and computer system to test with, so nobody else would be using my results to test products they receive. That being said, our test sample is supposedly 'delayed' because of last-minute fixes in the design. Hopefully we'll have something soon for comparison.
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# RE: RE: Compare Coming soon...?WhyNot 2013-03-28 03:47
Thanks Olin. I look forward to that review as well.
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# Really...Kirk Martin 2013-03-26 05:44
I do not think I have read so much crap in a review before... AMD has disappeared from the Scene! Wow I never knew this site had so many ANTI AMD fans on board.

I think you best read on here...

If you are going to continue to produce sub standard articles and post them, looks like I am going to have to go somewhere else for decent reviews.
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# RE: Really...cosminmcm 2013-03-26 06:00
Go in peace!
Try semiaccurate, you will feel at home.
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# RE: Really...Steven Iglesias-Hearst 2013-04-01 13:19
Read some of our AMD Video Card reviews and tell us again that we favor NVIDIA...
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# RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOSTKirk Martin 2013-03-26 05:59
To everyone wanting to know how fast this card is to the NEW AMD HD 7790, This new Nvidia card is 20% slower avg in all games tested here.

The AMD card is also cheaper and has cross fire.

Biased reviews do no one any favors, they give out the wrong information and damage the market in the long run.

I cannot believe this review was allowed to go live, its pretty disgusting and low.
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# Uh, noBrett 2013-03-26 06:40
There are a couple of problems with your post there.

First, you're quoting an announcement from AMD there, which is therefore not remotely unbiased.

Second, and more importantly, AMD are claiming their card to be 20% faster that the 650 Ti at 1080p, not the 650 Ti BOOST. If you want to assume AMD is actually correct, then compare accordingly. In this article the Ti BOOST being reviewed appears to be substantially more than 20% faster than the base Ti model.

As for his "AMD has all but disappeared from the scene" quote, yeah, that's certainly worthy of criticism.
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# RE: RE: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOSTOlin Coles 2013-03-26 07:38
Congratulations! The article you've referenced compares the 7790 to the non-BOOST version of this card, which costs $30 less and has half the memory with much lower clock speeds... something I went into great detail explaining in this very article. Kudos for glossing over the very first page.
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# MrAlan Wakefield 2013-03-27 03:00
"AMD has all but disappeared from the scene"

Really? Really?

As a graphics card review site, you have lost my trust.
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# RE: MrOlin Coles 2013-03-27 07:36
Did someone just make a statement about AMD that you didn't like? Oh NO! You had better go find a website that says only the things you want to hear about your favorite company, because that's what builds trust! Or... take a look at the share price of AMD stock over the past year, then take a look at the success (or lack of) their product launches in that period, and finish it all off with a look at their future road map. Make sure to come back and rant once you're done, so that we have a written record of your delusion.
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# MrAlan Wakefield 2013-03-28 06:35
Just for the record, I have owned both Nvidia & AMD cards.

I'm looking for Best performance/value, no matter who makes that card. In other words 'none biased'. Something that a Card reviewing site should definitely be, otherwise their results/benchmarks will always be 'suspect'.

For you to say "AMD has all but disappeared from the scene" (especially them having recently released new cards) is arguably one of the most ridiculous things I've heard & only comes across has showing up your own bias towards Nvidia..
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# RE: MrOlin Coles 2013-03-28 09:02
Just for the record, AMD hasn't offered a new GPU design in quite some time. Adjusting clock speeds and memory amounts on an existing platform does not make it a new platform, merely a new version of an old product.
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# mrAlan Wakefield 2013-03-28 10:32
So what if it is merely a new version of an old product, if it beats the competition on performance/value, it's getting my money.

Did it ever occur to you, that if a company has a product ahead of the competition, it would make little sense to bring out a new platform.....just sayin!

Again I must stress, I'm not a fanboi, I came here to read up on the 650 boost with the possibility of this being my next card. But I do expect you to acknowledge the competition.
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# RE: mrOlin Coles 2013-03-28 10:45
I included benchmark results for all of the AMD video cards we've received. Since they've become more reluctant to sample products like they used to, we don't get as many samples. Still, I think that I did more than enough to 'acknowledge the competition'.
Report Comment
# RE: RE: mrAlan Wakefield 2013-03-28 11:11
So begs the question... why include AMD cards in the benchmarks, if, as you put it "AMD has all but disappeared from the scene"

It wouldn't be because they are a viable alternative, & haven't left the scene at all, would it?

Anyhow I'm not here to argue, it was an interesting article (that statement aside) so good luck in future articles & keep an 'open mind'.

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# RE: RE: RE: mrOlin Coles 2013-03-28 11:13
Do you know the difference between "has disappeared from the scene" and "has all but disappeared from the scene"?
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# The Competition for the Boost...Tangldweb 2013-04-02 17:25
...would be the 7850 from all the few reveiws out on this awesome card beings how new it is. And now, being the Proud Owner of the 650ti Boost in my new HP h9 i7 computer, I can say words like Ultra, FXAA, AND 2x MSAA in the same sentence,.. and be talkin $150 for 2g. And though this was an Ebay deal, the price will come down even more in the near future. As for Value, PLEASE,.. DO NOT READ the other reveiw I mentioned here if the 7790 is in your future because it Will be AMD. "A"m "M"ighty "D"isappointed.
from hardocp,...
Price - On price, the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost has the advantage, unless you can find AMD video cards on sale or with rebates. The GTX 650 Ti Boost 1GB models will be sold for $149, the 2GB models will be sold for $169. Currently, the base price on Radeon HD 7850's are at $179 for the 1GB models and $185 for the 2GB models, and upwards above $200. Unless cards are offered with a rebate, the GTX 650 Ti Boost has the advantage. Compared to the Radeon HD 7790, the price is exactly the same for 1GB models at $149. However, the performance is certainly not, as explained below.

Performance - On performance, the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost offers the same gameplay experience as the Radeon HD 7850. We found that the gameplay experience was the same in every game, but the performance itself was actually slightly faster with the GTX 650 Ti Boost. Compared to the new Radeon HD 7790, the gameplay experience was superior on the GeForce GTX 650 Ti in every single game. Plus, the performance itself just smashed the HD 7790.

Value Summary - The new GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost competes not with the Radeon HD 7790, which was just announced days ago, but in fact it competes with AMD's next model up, the Radeon HD 7850. However, the GTX 650 Ti is priced at the Radeon HD 7790's level. Therefore what you get is Radeon HD 7850-like experience, for less money. The clear value is the new GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost.
Sounds like Olin isn't the only one who is in nVidia's corner with this one,.. I know I am. Off to Battlefeild 3 !!! Hav Fun !!!
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# RE: The Competition for the Boost...Kirk Martin 2013-04-03 12:30
I hope you enjoy it, however I do prefer AMD cards because they work with all Monitors and have no issues on setup... I tried to connect a old Goodmans X Pro monitor to a customers machine, just so he could use it until his new monitor came. However no matter what I did, the nvidia card would not apply the correct refresh rate required by the monitor. I fitted an AMD card, it worked first time, no issues with setup.

You can stick with Nvidia, and you can keep the abuse you give out, you have proven with your responses that you cannot handle any criticism about reviews that you have written. It is a big shame... I have seen your reviews for AMD hardware in the past.

Also makes me wonder if you should be hosting a review web site!
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# To Quote Mr. Martin...Tangldweb 2013-04-04 18:38
... I think you best read on here, 50_ti_boost_video_ca rd_review/1 At this point I'm wondering why someone so happy with their chosen product would be even looking at the comptition. Is it because you were hoping for a favorable outcome your way??? Well other than making personal assaults on the people here, maybe I can see a review of yours. Which card do you own in this review? How many other reviews have you read on the 650boot? How extensive is your background of nVidia? Kinda have to know "How" they work to "Make" them work Right. As well, I'm sure your AMD power hungry, room heating computers work well with AMD gpu's. My HP i7 with 650boost ran fine on my RCA 35inch CRT for setup before going in the Man Cave to the 55inch Plasma,.. and until you mentioned compatability here, it never entered my mind. Hey, your team lost this match. And though from my view they lost pretty badly, don't take it out on the wife and kids,.. or the Dog for that matter. There's always tomorrow.
Report Comment
# And I'll man up...Tangldweb 2013-04-04 19:10
...and tell you one Big Problem you may find with an i7 system and a 650boost,.. getting to use it. Really!!! I'm on the laptop with the Xbox while the family is watching "How to train your Dragon". We DO have a Blueray player people. LOL
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# Love itJustin Ashburn 2013-03-27 19:46
Love the review, love the site and most of all, I love your comments Olin. Nice to see someone be true to themselves and stick up for their work instead of backing down to try to please every visitor.
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# Are you people Slow,..Tangldweb 2013-03-29 17:29
...or just not understand that this is a Test !!! And though AMD was not the prossesor used either by the way, you test with things in that particular items area, even if it is an old "Inferior" product. As well, the ti-Boost is so new, that a dozen different drivers have no doubt already come out in just the time I've been typing let alone the fact we havent even Seen the retail mutations! And not to dis this site At All, if you don't like the opinion of this reveiw, try this one I read just before reading one,( 50_ti_boost_video_ca rd_review/1 ) .. which pretty much has the same opinion,.. Smack Down of AMD's cards,.. And nVidia's Too!!! Truth Hurt's and information Rule's, and all the reveiws available show the same trend. And I'll bet money, (do you except US currency :), you just watch, this card will be the one the majority of cards in it's class are tested against,.. and you can hold the Cash!!! Cheers !!!
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# Can Console Gaming Save AMD From Collapse?Olin Coles 2013-04-09 14:16
I've written an editorial that AMD fan boys might find enlightening:

Let me know if you still think I'm biased after reading it. :)
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