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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 29 March 2013
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120GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 Solid State Drive
OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD
Features and Specifications
SSD Testing Methodology
AS-SSD Benchmark
ATTO Disk Benchmark
CrystalDiskMark 3.0 Tests
Iometer IOPS Performance
EVEREST Disk Benchmark
PCMark Vantage HDD Tests
OCZ Vertex 3.20 Conclusion

OCZ Vertex 3.20 Conclusion

IMPORTANT: Although the rating and final score mentioned in this conclusion are made to be as objective as possible, please be advised that every author perceives these factors differently at various points in time. While we each do our best to ensure that all aspects of the product are considered, there are often times unforeseen market conditions and manufacturer changes which occur after publication that could render our rating obsolete. Please do not base any purchase solely on our conclusion, as it represents our product rating specifically for the product tested which may differ from future versions. Benchmark Reviews begins our conclusion with a short summary for each of the areas that we rate.

Benchmark Reviews is used to testing 240GB or larger solid state drive products, which tend to yield the highest performance results. OCZ Technology had inventory of 120GB Vertex 3.20 drives available ahead of their 240GB stock, so we took this opportunity to create a baseline for comparison. We hope to soon deliver our review of the 240GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD in the coming weeks.

Although this is only a 120GB drive, performance results still kept the OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD near the top for file transfer speeds. For reference, OCZ specifies up to 550 MB/s read speeds and 520 MB/s writes. In our storage benchmark tests the 120GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD confirmed these speeds. Our test results demonstrated that OCZ's Vertex 3.20 SSD was good for delivering 550/522 MB/s peak read and write speeds using ATTO Disk Benchmark SSD speed tests. Linear file transfers with Everest Disk Benchmark produced 462/466 MB/s, which exceeds performance of the OCZ Vector, Vertex 4, and Octane SSDs. Transfer speeds were very fast overall.

The 120GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD sent to us for testing is advertised to deliver up to 20,000 random 4KB read IOPS and 40,000 random 4KB write IOPS, which is noteworthy considering the drive's capacity. Using Iometer operational performance tests configured to a queue depth of 32 outstanding I/O's per target across 100% of the drive, our benchmarks produced 32,711 combined IOPS performance. In 4K 32QD tests using AS-SSD and CrystalDiskMark, NAND Flash density restrained the OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD and forced it to trail most modern competition. Luckily, we'll soon have a 240GB version to illustrate how much a difference capacity makes for SSD performance.


Solid State Drives are low-visibility products: you see them just long enough to install and then they're forgotten. Like their Hard Disk Drive counterparts, Solid State Drives are meant to place function before fashion. Anything above and beyond a simple metal shell is already more than what's required in terms of the appearance. OCZ Technology has retained their traditional painted enclosure, adorned with contrasting labels for Vertex 3.20. As solid state storage controllers become faster and more advanced, heat dissipation through the enclosure walls may demand that chassis designs become more beneficial than they previously needed to be.

Durability is the strongest feature credited to the entire SSD product segment. SSDs are not prone to mechanical failure, but if any Vertex 3.20-series solid state storage product does happen to fail during the 3-year warranty period, end-users may contact OCZ Technology via their company website or extensive support forums. Fortunately, there's also a toll-free telephone number (800-459-1816) for free technical support and customer service questions. OCZ has been proven to be one of the best companies in the business when it comes to customer service, and replacement parts are often sent with priority delivery.

As of April 2013, the OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD is available online in the following capacities and prices:

LSI/SandForce have proven themselves as industry leaders, and their SF-2281 controller is mature and dependable. Based on the SandForce SF-2281 processor, the OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD deliver native TRIM garbage collection and basic SMART support with impressive 550/520 MB/s transfer speeds. SandForce DuraClass technology adds their proprietary RAISE and DuraWrite features not available on other SSDs, enabling this product to last up to five times longer with less wear on NAND flash modules. The OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD is a refreshed 20nm synchronous NAND flash version of a long-standing 25nm best seller. OCZ Technology backs the Vertex 3.20 with a three-year product warranty, in addition to actively updated support forums. Vertex 3.20 costs slightly less than other recently-launched solid state products, offset by the reduced cost of more efficient components. The 120GB version is a good entry-level starting point, but Benchmark Reviews recommends the larger capacity and better performing 240GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD to enthusiasts and power users. Either version of the Vertex 3.20 will deliver an ultra-fast response time, which ensures applications open with near-instant reaction when called upon.

Pros:Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award

+ Outstanding 550/520 MBps read/write speed with ATTO
+ TCG OPAL security with 256-bit AES encryption
+ SandForce SF-2281 processor supports TRIM, SMART, and RAISE
+ DuraWrite technology extends NAND lifetime
+ 3-Year OCZ product warranty support
+ 120/240GB high-speed SSD storage capacities
+ Lightweight compact storage solution
+ Resistant to extreme shock impact
+ Low power consumption may extend battery life
+ Delivers nearly 33K IOMeter IOPS performance


- Some manufacturers offer five-year warranty
- Better performance available from 240GB version


  • Performance: 8.00
  • Appearance: 8.75
  • Construction: 9.50
  • Functionality: 9.00
  • Value: 8.50

Final Score: 8.75 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award.

COMMENT QUESTION: Would you buy a lower-capacity SSD because of costs, or save funds and insist on higher-capacity?

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# RE: 120GB OCZ Vertex 3.20 Solid State DriveArgos 2013-05-10 05:25
"Would you buy a lower-capacity SSD because of costs, or save funds and insist on higher-capacity?"

At the moment I have an older OCZ SSD in my system which contains the OS and I also work with PC's that do not have an SSD. So I can easily compare how I perceive the speed increase in real life.

My next system will probably not contain an SSD at all. I think it simply is not worth it. HDD are so much cheaper and the actual, practical perceived speed increase when using an SSD is so minimal that I think it is not worth it at all.

I recently built a new system for a friend and after some consideration we both decided that he did not need to waste money on an SSD at all. Instead he invested it in an extra HDD for more storage.

I feel the price of a 240 Gb SSD at $220 is atrocious. I like the SSD technology very much and have nothing against them at all. I would buy them if I had a room full of money, but I do not. I'd rather invest the extra money in a graphics card for example. But if you have ample money, by all means buy an SSD. It is wonderful tech.
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# umm... no.Chris 2013-05-10 06:05
I'm sorry OCZ. I just do not trust your brand with SSDs at the moment. You'd have t lower the price down to $0.50/GB before I decided to purchase one.
Report Comment
# Go on...Patches 2013-05-10 11:46
$0.50/GB is really hard to find for even a lower end SSD. But other than that, I am curious what your hesitation is with OCZ. I hear a lot of bad things about them however in 3 SSDs of theirs I have owned, Vertex 1, 2, and 3, I have had relatively few issues. One issue was easily solved with a firmware update and the other was covered under warranty, just shy of 3 years the drive had. I'm wondering if maybe there is some issue specific to their newer drives you are having that I'm not aware of. I am considering getting another drive this summer and would appreciate any heads up you can give me. Thanks!
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# ColJ D Mathis 2013-05-10 16:30
I am also wondering WHY these reviews and the POS so NOT include the hardware for installation. OBVIOUSLY, the 2.5 inch, et al, will NOT fill a 5 inch slot, or even 3.5 inch. SO you have to get adapters or a rail or some other intermediary item to affix the little card (SSD) to your unit. It is a major agro to order some hot new device and NOT be able to use it until you get the "recommended" add-on items, without which you cant install. And as to speed, with 6/ HDD available. Seagate comes to mind with Raptor @ 10K speeds and two cashe levels. why would the typical home user, even hard core gamer, really NEED SSD? I would put Rator up against this DDS, and @ 80USD it is a great buy. I have a suggestion for SSD MFG, to improve their offerings, if they would be interested. I can be contacted at email.
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# RE: ColOlin Coles 2013-05-10 20:26
SSDs don't need all four points mounted like a hard disk drive requires, because nothing moves or vibrates. You can match up one screw hole and mount it... seems to work just fine.
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