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Lian Li PC-B25B Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 23 October 2007
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Lian Li PC-B25B Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case
Closer Look: PC-B25B Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: PC-B25B Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Detailed Interior Features

Seeing the image below helps explain why the Lian Li PC-B25B black aluminum mid-tower ATX case did not receive a top mounted exhaust fan. Notice that the PSU is "boxed in" with a wall of aluminum, and with this unique design rising heat is channelled through the power supply. If the heated air becomes too much for the PSU to move, a large 120mm exhaust fan is positioned just high enough to assist evacuating heated air from the upper portion of the case, and any radiant air nearby to the CPU.

The two liquid cooling hose grommets are far from the best I have seen, as they are very rigid hard plastic with a plastic knife feel to the inner edges. I am unclear as to why Lian Li hasn't followed the popular trend of using soft rubber grommets, so consider removing these parts or replacing them if you plan to run hose through these ports.

The hard drive rack inside the Lian Li PC-B25B is designed to allow for a tool-less installation. Essentially the mechanism is a tray, which supports the hard drive by grommet-laden screws in the disk.

Lian Li PC-B25B Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case

Lian Li understands how picky some of us are when it comes to our computers. The hard drive rack in the PC-B25B series, much like many of the Lian Li cases, is able to be removed and rotated in any direction. This is really one of the few tough decisions you will be forced to make while building a computer: keep the cage in-line with the length of the case and you get better cooling, turn it perpendicular (default) and you have better cable management. With two 120mm fans blowing on the drives, it shouldn't make much of a difference, but still; decisions, decisions.

Lian Li PC-B25B Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case

Although not pictured, with the drive cage turned so that the opening faces the side panel there was enough room for the 8800 GTS, and just enough room to accommodate the 8800 GTX and Ultra. However, with the opening facing towards the rear of the case the extending disk drives and cables will interfere with these larger video cards; and even then you can position the hard drive at the lowest position if you operate with a single disk.

Lian Li PC-B25B Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case

The component in the image above is a converter for the blue LED circle at the front of the bezel. Perhaps I missed something when I was setting it all up, because the LED didn't do anything other than glow with a constant blue color. I realize that LED lights would burn out if plugged directly into a 3.3 or 5V power connection, which is why the adapter is necessary, but I think that it would have been nice to add a few extra features to this device; such as the ability to control the LED's intensity or rhythm. Personally I think the round circle would be very cool if it faded in and out very slowly.

Lian Li PC-B25B Black Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case

Although I have recently become very impressed with the idea ASUS has made popular with their header pre-connectors found in the P5K3 Deluxe motherboard kit, It's still nice to see the individual component connectors assembled in blocks. Believe it or not, I still occasionally see high-end computer cases with the connection pins individually seperated. It's worth noting that in addition to the standard USB, Firewire, and stereo audio connectors, Lian Li has updated their series with the HD audio connection as well.


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